The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1993) – Travels With Father

The next adventure of Indiana Jones (Corey Carrier) is pieced together from two episodes shot in 1993 that didn’t air from a proposed third season.  The two episodes were written by Frank Darabont, Matthew Jacobs, and Jonathan Hales. They were combined into a television movie that first aired on 16 June, 1996.

Russia, March 1909.

Indy, his father (Lloyd Owen), mother (Ruth de Sosa) and his teacher, Mrs. Seymour (Margaret Tyzack) head to Russia. It doesn’t take long for young Henry to get himself into trouble.

Fearing repercussions from his father, Indy runs away, into the Russian countryside, where he encounters an angry old man, named Leo Tolstoy (Michael Gough).

We learn about the renowned storyteller, his beliefs, and the many cultures that create Russia, and all of it is told through a fun and entertaining way.

Intercut with the two run-aways, is the worry and fretting of Indy’s parents, and you know that not only are they worried but Henry Jones, Junior is really going to get it should he ever come back.

The pair travel together, seeing some of Russia, but encounter both gypsies, and Cossacks. The two exchange ideas, and share their travels, but soon young Indy finds himself homesick.

It’s great watching this films, because you start to recognise a lot of the names behind the scenes, as well as those on the screen. I love that Darabont had a hand in the script, and costume designer Trisha Biggar who works on the Star Wars prequels as well as Rick McCallum serving as executive producer, alongside series creator George Lucas.

Once again the locations used in Russia episode are exemplary, and combine nicely with the blossoming digital effects work, which Lucas would put to use in the Prequel Trilogy.

There’s actually some nice chemistry between Gough and Carrier, and their moments together make for some great moments.


Athens, July 1910

While Mrs. Seymour is recovering from an illness, Anna decides that Henry Jr, and Sr. need to spend some time together to work through some of their issues. Throwing the pair together in an adventure of their own.

The pair are off to a hanging monastery, where Senior is looking forward to discussions and translations. Along the way they stop at a number of historic sites, and occasionally bump heads.

But when discussions of Aristotle and philosophy come up both realise that they can converse with one another.

Once they arrive at the monastery, Indy discovers a writer working in the library there. Nikos Kazantzakis (George Jackos) who will one day write Zorba the Greek. Further discussions on philosophy continue, and while the two will continue to butt heads, for one shining moment they made a connection.

It’s fun to see the pair off on an adventure together, and the locations continue to make the stories shine.

Next week we take a look at Corey Carrier’s final adventure as young Indiana Jones when we go on a Journey of Radiance.


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