The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1993) – The Phantom Train of Doom

Frank Darabont pens Indy’s (Sean Patrick Flanery) adventures this week when he encounters The Phantom Train of Doom. Originally broadcast as a television movie on 5 June 1993, this story sees Indy, with his friend Remy (Ronny Coutteure) returning to Africa, where they are promoted to lieutenant. The episode begins with the running gag that…

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1993) – Travels With Father

The next adventure of Indiana Jones (Corey Carrier) is pieced together from two episodes shot in 1993 that didn’t air from a proposed third season.  The two episodes were written by Frank Darabont, Matthew Jacobs, and Jonathan Hales. They were combined into a television movie that first aired on 16 June, 1996. Russia, March 1909….