South Park: The Complete Sixth Season

Paramount Pictures continues making me laugh with their re-release of the first seasons of South Park. I dug into the seventeen episodes with enthusiasm, and this may be my favourite season!

We get Butters taking in his evil persona of Professor Chaos, Bebe gets her breasts and disrupts society, 80s movies get skewered (again), the boys, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny replacement (as for most of the season he remains dead) Tweek (after some heavy tryouts).

The small Colorado town remains a satirical microcosm for anything, and everything that needs mocking, and the movie and television homages continue. Tackling things like child abduction, celebrity, sponsorship, veal, once again, even more religion, and in a dose of prescience, building a wall…

There’s also a brilliant send up of The Lord of the Rings involving a mix-up of videotapes which no doubt helped to inspire the very addictive Stick of Truth game.

And of course, we can’t just let Kenny go, he possesses Cartman, and eventually finds his way back to his friends all while the series confronts things like mediums, pornography, marijuana use, tolerance and ‘war on Christmas’ – which is brought to life in a literal way.

If I’m being completely honest, this may be my favourite season so far, the writing is on point, the stories are funnier, and the characters are all established.


While the toilet humour continues, intentionally, there is more going on in the series than before as the satire continues, and the homages come thick and heavy throughout. In fact there seem to be more of them this time around, nods to both modern and classic films with both blatant and subtle nods.

The episodes come with commentary by series creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and the opening title sequence has changed again, giving us a bit of a look at how, perhaps, the series is brought to life.

On its surface the series is still crass, occasionally tasteless, but it continues to push the boundaries of what is funny, and what is just wrong. And once again the show demonstrates, through both its content and its uncensored language, that it really is an adult cartoon, and not suitable for younger viewers.

There is a disconnect for some adults that suggests to them that cartoons are children’s fare, South Park proves over and over again that its suitable for mature audiences only, but those audiences must still retain a modicum of their youthful sensibilities, the goofiness that made you laugh at fart jokes.

The sixth season is the best so far, and that just fires me up to tackle the next one to see if things get better and better. And you can too!

South Park: The Complete Sixth Season, along with seasons one through eleven, are all available now on blu-ray from Paramount Pictures.

So, come on down to South Park!




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