Doctor Who (David Tennant) – The Poisoned Sky, and The Doctor’s Daughter

The Poison Sky is the conclusion to last week’s cliffhanger. Written by Helen Raynor this episode first aired on 3 May, 2008.

The Doctor (Tennant) and Donna (Catherine Tate) save Wilf (Bernard Cribbins) from hit ATMOS car, and our heroes plunge into a full-on confrontation with the Sontarans and their errand boy, Luke (Ryan Sampson).

They also realise that Martha (Freema Agyeman) has been copied and have to extract her from the Sontarans while stopping her evil clone.

UNIT is manoeuvred by the Sontarans into attacking, and they refuse to listen to the Doctor’s advice on the situation, even while Martha tries to stop every move he makes.

In the end, it’s up to Donna to help save the day, when she, and the TARDIS end up on the Sontaran warship. In fact, that is one of my favourite sequences in the episode, as for once, Donna stops saying she can’t do something, and does it – it’s a good character moment for her.

The first episode was a lot of set-up, but moved at a brisk pace, this one moves even quicker. And it gives the Doctor numerous moments of being, well, awesome as he outsmarts, out thinks and generally makes things tough for the Sontarans.

With Donna’s help, he is able to save the entire planet (again), but it requires a sacrifice to do it…

Of course, there are hints of what is to come in terms of a season arc, as Rose (Billie Piper) makes another appearance.

And finally, Martha gets pulled along for one more adventure as the TARDIS takes off while she’s still aboard, seemingly guided by some unknown force.


The Doctor’s Daughter was written by Stephen Greenhorn and aired on 10 May, 2008.

The Doctor, Donna, and Martha come crashing down on the planet of Messaline. Martha is separated from the Time Lord and Companion and finds herself with a strange aquatic-based group of aliens called the Hath.

The Doctor meanwhile has been forced to stick his hand into a progeneration machine, and his DNA is extracted and produces Jenny (Georgia Moffett – this is where it gets interesting – Georgia is the actual daughter of prior Doctor actor, Peter Davison, plays Tennant’s daughter in the episode, but is in fact married to Tennant).

The trio are taken to a small group of humans who have been fighting the Hath for generations (key word). Once again, Donna is the one who starts to put it all together, and I love that she does, and everything we learn from this episode is so well thought out and brought to life.

The Doctor and Donna, with Jenny at their side, begin to learn what really happened on Messaline, how colonists became soldiers, and how long this war has really gone on.

There’s a lot of fun interaction between Donna, Jenny and the Doctor while Martha gets to shine on her own.  In fact, I rather like this episode, a lot.

By episode’s end Jenny has endeared herself to the audience, and we’ve been clamouring for her return ever since.

Next time the fun continues when Donna and the Doctor meet up with Agatha Christie!


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