Doctor Who (David Tennant) – Gridlock and Daleks in Manhattan

The Doctor (Tennant) and Martha (Freema Agyeman) return to New Earth (though it has changed) and get caught in traffic in Gridlock. Written by Russell T. Davies aired on 14 April, 2007.

Martha is a little put out that the Time Lord brings her to one of the same places he took Rose, but before the Doctor can make apologies, Martha is kidnapped by commuters who with the addition of the Companion has access to the fast lane,

Unfortunately there are things under the traffic, where the fast lanes exist… There is also a secret to the cause of the gridlock.

The Face of Boe makes an appearance towards the end of the episode (has he been hanging out there all this time waiting for the Doctor to come back?) and reveals the fact that the Doctor is not alone. There is another Time Lord out there somewhere.

It’s not my favourite episode of the series, and while it has its moments, it doesn’t feel like it has the same pacing and excitement of the previous two episodes. I enjoy the little fan moments, the tying together of threads, the callbacks, and the placement of new things that will pay off, but on the whole this one didn’t do a lot for me.


From New New York we travel to New York in Daleks in Manhattan written by Helen Raynor this adventure first aired on 21 April, 2007 and features some truly bad interpretations of the New York accent of the 1930s.

The Doctor and Martha find themselves State-side and quickly discover that people from the local slum, Hooverville, a tent city in Central Park, are disappearing all while the Empire State Building nears completion.

The Doctor soon discovers that the two are connected as his old enemy, the Daleks, are at work in the building, using it as a focal point in an attempt to boost their own evolution. They are messing with genetics, in an attempt to augment their own, and the missing people have been turned into Pig Slaves, including showgirl Tallulah’s (Miranda Raison) fiancee, Laszlo (Ryan Carnes).

I do like the fact that the Daleks are revealed fairly early in the episode, instead of trying to keep them a secret. Usually, the fact that they are returning is a poorly kept secret and they show up at the cliffhanger climax. This time they save that for something else, and the idea is kind of cool, but the presentation of it comes across as a little goofy.

The production value of the episode is fairly high, and the costumes all seem period accurate, at least more so than some of the accents.

The story does features Andrew Garfield, proving that he can do a fairly solid Yank accent.

Next week we see the Evolution of the Daleks…


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