Star Trek: Killing Time (1985) – Della Van Hise

Hey look, it’s another non-canon Trek novel that features villains altering the timeline to change history, and allowing the author to play with established characters in their own way, with heavy slash tendencies (in this case, a Kirk/Spock romance… again).

If you can get your hands on an ultra-rare first edition, there is actually more slash romance for the two characters.

Series creator Roddenberry was understandably upset when he discovered the contents of the book, and ordered the first edition be pulled and revisions made. Paramount still wasn’t holding the reins as tightly as they should have been when it came to licensed material.

As I’ve mentioned before, there is absolutely nothing wrong with slash material, but your average Trek reader doesn’t expect it, and the characters aren’t true to themselves but instead, the intentions and interpretations of the author.

This time around, it’s the Romulans messing about, hoping to gain an upper hand on the Federation and Starfleet if they can change the past to their suiting.

Aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, both the Captain, James T. Kirk, and his friend and Science Officer, Spock have been experiencing variations of the same dream. A dream that sees Spock as the captain, and Kirk as a lowly ensign.


Then, one night Kirk goes to bed, and when he wakes, he finds the dream is true. The Romulans have changed the past, the Vulcans, taking their cue from the Romulans are more controlling, dominating, and the driving force behind this new version of the Federation.

Spock is now the captain, and Kirk has just transferred aboard the transformed Enterprise, now called the VSS ShiKahr. And to make it ‘dramatic’ Kirk is an ex-convict.

The two feel a kinship towards one another, and soon realise that time is wrong! Their true personas come to the fore, and they know they have to restore the timeline.

Some of the story is silly, the hint of romantic inclinations between Kirk and Spock have never done anything for me, and even the hints of it in this book feel completely out of place.

So, I’m sorry to say, this is one that you can probably skip. While I do like a good time travel story, or temporal twist, this one just didn’t do it for me. That and the fact that the previous tale was also a time travel story made this one a bit of a misstep.

Even with setbacks, the stories keep coming however, Paramount will refine its control over the license, and the tales, despite being non-canon will begin to feel increasingly like Star Trek.

The Human Adventure continues…


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