Doctor Who (Christoper Eccleston) – Boom Town and Bad Wolf

The Doctor (Eccleston), Rose (Billie Piper) and Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) encounter the last surviving member of the Slitheen family, Margaret (Annette Badland) on what was supposed to be a quick recharge of the TARDIS on the rift in Cardiff.

Boom Town was written by Russell T. Davies and originally aired on 4 June, 2005. It’s a bit of a different episode, and seems like a bit of a breather before the season dives into its finale.

Margaret is cooking up a scheme to wipe out millions as an act of revenge and escape, using her own political position to garner power and access. The Doctor and company aim to stop her and even Mickey (Noel Clarke) gets to join in the fun for a bit, and he and Rose have time for a heart to heart about their on again off again relationship.

And it’s a nice bit for Cardiff because it gets to portray itself for a change.

The Bad Wolf references are right up front in this episode as it is the name of Margaret’s project, Blaidd Drwg, and even the Doctor and Rose are intrigued by the revelation, realising that there is something bigger going on, but not quite able to figure it out yet.

Let’s just get this out of the way, as fun and as enjoyable as Jack is, I don’t know who threw together his costume for this episode, but it really doesn’t work. Of course, at that point they were still discovering the character.

It’s a solid episode, but not the strongest of the newly returned series, the character moments are nice, and it’s interesting to watch the Doctor/Slitheen dynamic play out.


Bad Wolf was also penned by Davies and aired on 11 June, 2005.

The Daleks are back! And the Doctor, Rose and Jack are in all manner of trouble. The trio awake to find themselves in updated and deadly reality shows back on Satellite 5. I think it’s a terrifying thought that the reality shows like The Weakest Link and Big Brother, not to mention What Not to Wear may still be around, or reimagined and enjoying a resurgence so far in the future.

All of it is a ploy created by the Daleks, but to what purpose.

Once the reality show stuff gets out of the way, the story gets better, as our trio work to get reunited and find out what is going on in Satellite 5.

The revelation of the Daleks would have been better had the episode not revealed that the Daleks were back in the promotional teaser used at the end of the previous show. The reveal would have been quite a kick if no one had seen it happening.

And the fact that they don’t even make an appearance until the last minutes of the episode makes the fact that their return was already revealed all the more annoying. Viewers are spending the entire episode waiting for the Daleks, knowing they are behind everything, and only get a brief moment with them.

It was a bad choice in terms of promotion.

Oh well, next week the Doctor faces the Daleks in the end of Series One and then regenerates!!





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