Superman: The Animated Series (1997) – The Prometheon, Speed Demons and Livewire

Superman (Tim Daly) finds more trouble in outer space this week as he encounters The Prometheon. This episode aired on 12 September, 1997, and features another great voice cast joining Daly’s Superman, and Dana Delaney’s Lois Lane.

Superman encounters a giant creature (Frank Welker) bound to an asteroid in space, when it breaks loose it causes all manner of problems for the Man of Steel. General Hardcastle (Charles Napier) is aboard a shuttle moving to destroy the asteroid which threatens the Earth in an Armageddon-type situation, but they are stunned to find the creature bound to the far side of the space jetsam.

I like that not everyone in the series so far thinks that Superman is the bee’s knees, Hardcastle seems particularly xenophobic. No where near as much as Lex Luthor (Clancy Brown) seems to be, but he is willing to sacrifice both Superman and the creature if it saves the Earth.

And maybe he was right when it comes to the creature! He and Superman both go after the beast before it cause a threat to the planet, Supes causes it to fall into an ocean, but the creature quickly makes its way ashore, and begins to rampage.

How will they stop it? This one has a nice sci-fi cinema of the 50s feel to it with the army called out to take on a giant menace.



Speed Demons introduces another hero to the animated DC Universe. With an airdate of 13 September 1997, Superman welcomes the Flash/Wally West (Charlie Schlatter) to the animated world, as the two compete in a charity race around the world.

But things won’t go smoothly, it seems the Weather Wizard (Miguel Ferrer) is going to cause a problem or two.

Joining the voice cast this time around, besides Ferrer is Carl Lumbly as the Mayor, and Marion Ross as General Richter. Schlatter’s Flash is over-confident, funny, and full of himself. It makes for a fun interaction between him and Supes, who seems less than tolerant of the scarlet speedster.

The tracking armbands that both heroes wear are part of the Weather Wizard’s plan, and in fact helps power his weather device which causes storms and tsunamis the world over! The two heroes will have to work together to stop the Weather Wizard, but who will win the race?

This one plays with a concept that has been in the DC Universe since the characters were introduced… who IS the fastest hero? And do you really think this show will give is the answer?


It’s time to introduce a new villain to the Superman Rogue’s Gallery, Lori Petty plays a shock jock, Leslie Willis, who is turned into an electricity based villain, who threatens Metropolis.  Livewire aired on 13 September, 1997 and introduced the baddie of the same name.

Petty’s distinctive voice is perfectly suited for the DC Universe, and brings her character to life wonderfully, as she voices her hate for Superman, but almost makes some important things about women having to work twice as hard as a man to be recognised, let alone succeed in her given choice of job. It seems xenophobia is alive and well in the DC Universe, and once she is gifted with super powers, she proves herself quite the threat to the caped hero.

As a shock jock, she throws her opinion out there, and makes a name for herself trashing the hero, and even putting Lois on the spot, before things go really badly. She blames Superman for the accident that transformed her, and, of course, they square off against one another as she takes over the electrical systems of the city.

Will Superman find a way to stop her, and save the city?

See you next time!

Up. Up…. and away!





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