The Star Trek Book (2016) – Paul Ruditis, Sandford Galden-Stone and Simon Hugo

DK Canada has another winner on its hands. This book is going to get a lot of use by me as I start, with my very next post, a journey through all of Star Trek’s incarnations.

When I was a kid I was introduced to space opera first, and it changed my life. That was Star Wars, not too long after that I discovered a sense of wonder and excitement, exploration, and what I learned later, allegory, with Star Trek. I loved this universe, and longed to explore it, to know it.

The Star Trek Book does that.

Reading as almost a kind of history book, which admits it is not completely comprehensive, but covers so very much. The Star Trek Book is a beautiful compilation of information, handy, gorgeously appointed and serves as a chronicle for future history, locations, and personages of the beloved series and films.

There have been compendiums and encyclopedias, both authorised, and not, each of note in their own way, detailing the adventures of Captains Kirk, Picard, Spock, Janeway, Sisko and Archer, from a making of angle to very dry fiction as fact reporting. The Star Trek Book makes future history fun, and I get the impression that not only are the contributors huge fans, but very detail oriented as well.


Beginning with the early days of space exploration, the creation of warp drive, first contact, Starfleet, the Federation, and the exploits of some of the greatest names in spacefaring history.

Stunningly illustrated with pictures and diagrams from all incarnations of Star Trek, the book is densely packed with information that will serve me very well as I begin my tours of duty about several classes of Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine.

A beautiful reference book, this one is hefty and incredibly useful, with discussions on everything from prolific names like Kirk and Khan to transporters, phasers and starships. Nothing is missed, at least in a general sense, there is even a comprehensive listing of episodes, and an index to find specific events and people within the Star Trek universe.

This is the kind of book that, had it been available when I was a kid (admittedly it would have been a lot thinner if published back then) it would never have sat on my shelf long. This is a book that will see my thumbing through it on a regular basis, refreshing my memory with something temporarily forgotten, or learning some fact previously unknown.

Clocking in at 336 pages, this book has already made itself indispensable to me, it is right here by my side, illuminating my journeys as the Human Adventure continues. There is so much information here, and honestly, I lose myself thumbing through the pages each time I open the book, catching facts and images, this is a must for any Trek fan, it’s handy, easily referenced, and wonderfully beautiful to look at.

If you have a Trek fan in your life, you can’t go wring with this one! It’s a welcome addition to any Starfleet captain’s book shelf.





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