The Mind Reels chats with This Life’s Torri Higginson

Sue and I were lucky enough to be afforded some time to chat with the always amazing, Torri Higginson. Over ten episodes last year, the CBC introduced us to the Lawson family, living in Montreal, and Natalie (Higginson) who is dealt a blow when the cancer she has beaten has returned, and she has about a year to live.

She and her family, both immediate and extended, are affected as are all the parts of their lives, in this fantastic Canadian show.

Season 2 gets underway tomorrow evening, so we wanted to share this interview as quickly as we could. So, without further ado, here is the rough cut of our chat with the amazing Torri Higginson as we chat This Life, Inhuman Condition, Shakespeare, growing older, beautiful Montreal, and living life.

Thanks to our friends at Touchwood PR for setting up this wonderful chat, and remember to check out This Life on CBC, and catch up on previous episodes on their website.

Also, if you like what you see, love our guests, and would love to help us do more… check out our Patreon page here.

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