The Mind Reels chats with Brad Wright and Eric McCormack

This fall, specifically, October 17, sees the premiere of this highly anticipated science fiction drama from Brad Wright, the creator of the Stargate television franchise, and producer, star, Eric McCormack (Will & Grace, Perception) – Travelers.

The most basic of story explanations, which does not do the stunning opening episode justice, is this: a group from the future, project their consciousness back in time to the beginning of the 21st century, taking over the lives of their host bodies, and working to stop a terrible future from unfurling by changing our present.

The entire season will play out on Showcase, before dropping on Netflix in December, and this will be one to watch, it’s smart, dark, funny, and like the best of science fiction, has a lot to say, as did Eric McCormack and Brad Wright when we sat down to sit with them thanks to Corus Entertainment.

Thank you to Corus and Touchwood PR for looking after us this weekend, and Vistek for outfitting us (check them out here), and Eric McCormack and Brad Wright, both of whom I shared a geek moment with, check it out below, and remember to visit our Patreon page here!

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