Prodigy (2013) – Marie Lu


It’s back to the realm of Legend, as I dive into the second book of the young adult trilogy by Marie Lu. The dystopian world Lu creates, brings me back to a torn United States, divided almost in two by the Republic and the Colonies, it plunges me back into the lives of Day and June, the two young lovers who found one another, despite being on opposite sides, and are now planning to join the Patriots to overthrow the Republic and its brand new Elector.

Lu continues to tell a good story, and adds a few curves to the tale, as Day and June catch up with Day’s friend Tess, and the Patriots, led by Razor, and assisted by their friend Kaede.

The Patriots have a plan, and they need the two most recognizable faces in the Republic. They want to send June back into the heart of the Republic, to get close to the Elector and set him up for assassination. An assassination to be broadcast across the country, and committed by none other than Day.

Problems arise when the new Elector may not be as villainous as his predecessor, and June has to get, ahem, close to him to get him to trust her.

That, of course, puts things in jeopardy with Day, who is having problems himself with the change in his relationship with Tess.


The tale moves along at a brisk pace, unfolding and expanding on the world we were introduced to in the first book. While I recognize the dramatic need to make sure their relationship isn’t wine and roses, I mean, it’s still blossoming (or is it?) but the fact that it wears on their trust of one another, and they are put in situations that try their emotional bonds bothered me a little, but that may just be because I was involved with the story.

The one thing I really liked was the revelation that the Republic isn’t the best thing on the planet, we get at it from the rest of the world, where technology and knowledge have progressed. The Republic, meanwhile, is made to seem to be nothing more than a third world country with a dictatorship at its heart, seeking to govern the people through fear.

We also learn that not everything outside of the Republic is at it seems.

I do like how the story has expanded. I’m not sure about the ending, and the revelations that came with it. These are things, no doubt to add drama to the third novel, but it also, right now, seems to be a little too easy for the cards to play out as Lu has dealt them. I hope there’s a surprise coming.

The third novel, Champion, should be finding its way into my reading pile shortly. Until then… what are you reading?




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