Toronto Comic Con 2016


Convention season is upon us once again, and Sue and I were delighted to be given press passes to cover the first big one of the year, here in the Big Smoke, the Toronto Comic Con. Stretching wonderfully over three days, beginning on Friday last, and running to the end of Sunday the 20th, it was a bevy of excitement, costumes, fans, paraphernalia, toys, posters, amazing art, and of course, the draw of pop icons, in this case, the convention was happy to announce such names as Jason Isaacs, Karen Allen, Jonathan Frakes, Tovah Feldshuh, Casper Van Dien, Ernie Hudson and more!

It’s always a delight to see the array of costumes that people wear, and I loved seeing the proliferation of all the Reys from Star Wars wandering about. It was very cool to see. I think there were as many Reys on hand as there were Deadpools (he’s always big at conventions – not to mention his creator, Rob Liefeld was here this time as well).

Friday got underway at 4pm, and I got to wander with my sweetie, as we took in the wonderfully omnipresent 501st, and honestly, it wouldn’t be a con, if I didn’t snap my picture with an R2 unit. We did some hunting for comics, some geek shirts, and just anything that caught our eye.


I knew, of course, that for the Mind Reels, the big day would be Saturday, we had interviews lined up, and of course, Touchwood PR did a wonderful job setting up a press photo call for us and the other media to chat with some of the fine folk who had come in for the convention (and steal a goofy selfie or two).

Arriving bright and early on Saturday morning, we joined our media associates, and were divied up into four groups to conduct round table interviews. Happily we were with a fun group and our vibe, and those of the guests seemed to mesh.

First up we were lucky enough to sit down with Casper Van Dien, known primarily for his work on the Starship Troopers film series, Van Dien has a vast array of work, and I was personally interested on his take on the new Tarzan, seeing he had played Burroughs’ hero once on the big screen himself – and we loved his answer check it out below…

From there, we got to have a few moments with actor/director Jonathan Frakes, best known for his role of Commander William T. Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I figured he’d been asked all manner of Trek questions in his time, so I asked about his music instead, and Sue followed up with a great query about acting versus directing.

From there we moved on to chat with the very savvy, and very entertaining Tovah Feldshuh, know in pop culture for her turn on The Walking Dead, but also an amazingly accomplished stage actress and performer.

Finally we scored a few minutes with the delightful Karen Allen, probably best known for her work as Marion Ravenwood in the Indiana Jones films, but that didn’t stop me from asking about her work with John Carpenter and Jeff Bridges on Starman…

From there we sat in on the Killjoys panel, which was a delight as Aaron Ashmore, Hannah John-Kamen and Luke Macfarlane, alongside series creator and showrunner Michelle Lovretta took to the stage to share fun stories, goof off, and tease us about the upcoming season 2.

It was at this point of the day that, much against my will, I had to bail for the day, as I was struggling with a throat infection, but Sue stayed on and enjoyed the Dark Matter panel, and also had a chance to say hi to our friends on the cast (and hopefully we’ll see some of them in the studio soon to chat with us!).


Sunday ended up being a bit of a quieter day for us, as we wandered Artist Alley, browsed toys, and saw some friends. Then we settled in for a couple of panels, and were treated to some great moments, as we laughed our way through the stories, and the audience interaction of Jonathan Frakes…


and then, truly enjoyed Jason Isaacs talk, and his reminder to be in the moment with him and not have him looking at a sea of camera phones snapping endless pictures. It brought everyone into the same place, and allowed all of us to be more focused on his stories and they were well worth it.


But the reminder to simply be in the moment is important and apt, especially for a con, if not life, because if you are not in the moment, then you’re actually missing it. Be the moment, be active in it, and not just an observer.

We did that this weekend, we were active in our interviews, our quests, and interactions, and we had a great time!!

Thank you to Comic Con, the amazing folks at Touchwood, and every one we chatted to and met, it was a blast!



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