The Canadian Screen Awards 2016: The Mind Reels on the Red Carpet


Sue and I were absolutely delighted this year, when we were notified by Touchwood PR (an amazing group of smart and dedicated people who continue to help us be the best we can be) that not only would we be attending the Canadian Screen Award Galas, and Broadcast, but that we would have a spot on the red carpet to chat with guests, both nominees and presenters as they arrived.

This would be a chance to catch up with friends and hopefully meet up with even more amazing Canadian talent. Wanting to make the best impression possible, we turned to the minds of Vistek, and I chatted with a couple of the salespeople about what we were looking to do, and what they think we would need to pull it off.

Using their knowledgeable staff, we compiled a list, and then chatted with Gary Goldberg, one of the product managers, about Vistek sponsoring our appearance on the red carpet with equipment. An agreement was reached, and anyone who followed our twitter feed that night knows we cited them in practically every shot we posted, and we also made sure to thank them through out our recordings which we share with you below.

Outfitted with a Canon 70D (I think I love this camera), LED rotolight, and shotgun mic, all attached to a tripod, we staked out our spot on the red carpet, and waited for the familiar faces to come our way.

We were nervous, excited, and thrilled to be there, and I think that shows in every moment we shared below (not to mention our traditional goofy selfies…).

As we staked out our spot, the first guests we got to talk to were representing the film Borealis, which has been making a very successful festival run, and is opening nationally April 8th. We present, Jonas Chernick, the film’s writer, and Darren Wall, visual effects.

Following that, and our fun little plug of Vistek – and let me just take another moment to say that the equipment worked amazingly well, even for someone as inexperienced using it as I, and Vistek’s Rental Department (an amazing group of folk) made sure to give me a crash course, and advised me to call should I have any questions or issues at all (I didn’t) – we got to catch up with the lovely Torri Higginson, the star of the dramatic series This Life. We’ve chatted with Torri before, had lots of laughs, and perhaps that is why I was forgiven the stupefying faux pas I make by asking about her dog…

Next up was director Andrew Cividino, whom we had chatted to at the TIFF Canadian Press Party. He’s had a big year, from screening his film Sleeping Giant at TIFF to being nominated for a Canadian Screen Award, it’s been amazing… if only I could have remembered to say his name right…

We were delighted to have our friend Aaron Poole show up next. Nominated for his work in the television series Strange Empire, we talked nominations, his film Conspiracy, and a sense of giddy brought on by fevers and cold medicine…

We were then joined by the delightful comedienne and friend, Naomi Snieckus. We chat about her appearance at the Gala the other night, share mustache tips, and tend to laugh a lot…

… and then the funny just keeps on happening, as our friend Tara Spencer-Nairn arrives. We can’t get away from this lovely woman, and why would you want to? She’s hilarious! We catch up with a talk about our Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowling event, and just chat and chinwag.

We then had a chance to share some laughs with the new up and coming comedic team from Second City…

Things got a little wild after that, as we got a chance to talk to Brent Butt and Eric Peterson from the classic series and movie, Corner Gas… Yes, I had a bit of a fan moment…

Then, we were presented with the opportunity to chat with director Helen Shaver, and spoke about her work on Orphan Black and Vikings…

It’s a double punch next as we catch up with Orphan Black’s Ari Millen (and I tell him he’ll win tonight (he did)) we take goofy selfies, plug our sponsor, Vistek, and then chat with comedy legend, Bruce McCulloch and Tracy Ryan about comedy, and Young Drunk Punk…

We were then lucky enough to catch up with Yannick and Shantelle Bisson as we chatted about Murdoch Mysteries, the show’s incredible fans, and the fact that Yannick and I have similar hairstyles… Goofy selfies follow, as well as a quick plug and thanks to Vistek, before we’re joined by the amazing, and stunning, Wendy Crewson.

We then got a moment to chat with Motive’s Lauren Holly and Brendan Penny (I also get to mention my love for Picket Fences)…

Things got even more amazing when we chatted with Anne of Green Gables herself, Megan Follows, nominated for her performance in Reign.

Then it’s time for a check-up with the lovely doctors from Saving Hope, Julia Taylor Ross and Michelle Nolden…

Is it possible to top all the amazing people we talked to this evening? Well, Canadian Icon and Legend Martin Short is going to be the one to do it if anyone can… I mean MARTIN SHORT!

And after Martin Short, why not finish the evening with the cast of This Hour Has 22 Minutes?

It was an amazing night, and once again, we’d like to extend our thanks to the amazing folks at Touchwood PR for letting us tackle the red carpet this year, and for those wonderful lot at Vistek for making us look as professional as we wanted…

Check out their website here, for all your photographic, lighting, audio, and video needs! I certainly hope and plan to use them again!











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