Magnum, p.i. (1986) – Who is Don Luis Higgins… and Why is He Doing These Terrible Things To Me? and A Little Bit of Luck… A Little Bit of Grief


Poor Higgins (John Hillerman) has his hands full in the first episode up this week, Who is Don Luis Higgins… and Why is He Doing These Terrible Things To Me? Written by Jay Huguely this one aired 20 March, 1986.

With a chess tournament coming up on the islands, things should be looking up for Higgins, but someone claiming to be his half brother, Don Luis (also Hillerman) is stirring up all manner of problems for him.

Of course Thomas (Tom Selleck) refuses to believe that Don Luis is a real person and is convinced Higgins is up to something, though he can’t figure out what. It’s a fun moment, especially when Higgins arrives, but when things turn serious, with security at Robin’s Nest, the tournament (which Higgins is not having any success at), and the protection of a president, Manuel Ebenez (Cesare Danova), Thomas, Rick (Larry Manetti) and Agatha (Gillian Dobb) seem to have their hands full.

We also get a flashback at the beginning of the episode, and learn his father’s full name Albert Stanley Higgins (Anthony LaPaglia), as well as Thomas trouncing Higgins in a number of chess matches, with something Thomas’ uncle came up with, the Castle Blitz.

Despite its rather serious opening, this episode is nothing but a fun romp, with lots of great character moments, comedy, chess, and Thomas trying to get his hands on Dave Brubeck tickets.

It once again shows the wonderful relationship between Thomas and Higgins, with the aided angle of family brought in by Don Luis.

Boy, Higgins’ father got around, didn’t he?


A Little Bit of Luck… a Little Bit of Grief was penned by Reuben Leder, and aired on 3 April, 1986. Magnum and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) are trying to save their little league’s clubhouse, while Rick wins a million dollars on a game show, and falls in love (again).

Unfortunately, T.C. and Thomas are arrested for their troubles, and the clubhouse gets knocked down. Higgins comes to bail them out, as Rick is away in Albuquerque.

It’s there in New Mexico that Orville wins the million dollars and meets and falls in love with Jeannie (Claudia Cron), who seems to share his love of Casablanca.

Meanwhile, T.C. and Thomas are trying to get the field and clubhouse back, but a landowner, Dennis Mackenzie (Pat Corley), isn’t really willing to negotiate with them, and constantly calls the police on them and constantly gets them arrested.

This one is lighthearted and is more about the characters and the moments. There’s no case to work on and it’s just fun to see all the friends together without things going too terribly, until someone comes after Rick’s newly won cash.

Rick’s job as the manager of the King Kamehameha Club also suffers from his new fortune, and Higgins is left with no option but to put him on notice. Is money changing Rick? Or is he just excited with his new found wealth?

Another fun episode that will carry me through another week. Until then, Aloha!





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