The A-Team (1983) – Holiday in the Hills and West Coast Turnaround


The A-Team bounces from one coast to the other again this week…

First up is Holiday in the Hills, written by Babs Greyhosky, with an airdate of 22 March, 1983. Hannibal (George Peppard), Face (Dirk Benedict), Murdock (Dwight Schultz) and B.A. (Mr. T) are finishing up a mission in Guatemala, and are flying out of the country in a plane that was appropriated from a repair line… Most of the way home, they find out why, when they crash into the mountain (and hillbilly) country of South Carolina.

After a drugged B.A. awakes they try to play up the fact that they must still be in Latin America, but when they come across a bunch of hillbillies, beating on, and about to torch a surveyor, the Team kicks into gear to save the man, and try to get him out of the mountains before he succumbs to his wounds.

With the plane totalled, Murdock comes up with a plan for an ultralight, and sends Face out into the wilderness to scrounge for the parts he needs, while dressed as a Father. He meets up with Louanne (Denise Galik) who has some of the things he needs, and Murdock and the surveyor get out, while the Team puts paid to the baddies.

Meanwhile, Amy (Melinda Culea) is settled with a fellow reporter, Mitch (Edward Winter), who is actually an undercover military officer, working for Lynch trying to track the A-Team down, and they think Amy knows them because of her article on Jamestown. She rumbles him, and everything is tied up nicely, once again, by episode’s end.

This is Babs first episode of the series, and she proves once again, that she knows the characters she’s writing about.


West Coast Turnaround was written by Cannell and Patrick Hasburgh from a story by Babs, and aired 5 April, 1983. The team is headed back to the West Coast, which makes sense as they are supposedly based in the Los Angeles underground, and take a job from a watermelon farmer, Joe Penhall (Robert Sampson) and his daughter, Ellen (Devon Ericson) who are being blockaded on their land by a thug named Chuck Easterland (Stuart Whitman) who is hoping to get the land from them cheap when the bank forecloses on the property.

Amy connects the Team to the assignment, unaware that Hannibal is in the same room, disguised as hospital orderly.

This is also the episode that introduces the idea of Murdock’s invisible dog, Billy. I honestly don’t know if Billy ‘shows’ up again, but I remember this from being a kid…

When Face and Hannibal disguise themselves as police officers to pull over some of Easterland’s trucks, and weigh them, Face has come up with their cover story in case they are approached by real cops… they are a film crew, working on It Came From Planet X (it’s these little asides that I am really starting to like).

When Easterland doesn’t back off, the Team, of course, needs to run the blockade with the transport trucks to get them to the appropriate market and make money to save the farm, and the family. To help, they outfit Amy’s brand new, not quite paid for, car as a bit of a mini-tank.

Let’s just say, she’s less than happy about the condition its returned to her in…

Until next time!


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