We Are Still Here (2015) – Ted Geoghegan 


Coming out today from Anchor Bay, available on both Blu-Ray and DVD is this film that is bound to be a divisive one for the horror community. If you’re a gore hound, love your jump scares, or just have a short attention span and a need for instant gratification, this may not be the one for you. Instead We Are Still Here feels like a throwback to the 80s and 70s horror films, there are lingering shots, and a slow burn to the film, that’s final act goes in a completely unexpected way…

The film, while centering on the gorgeous, and remote New England house, tells the tale of Paul (Andrew Sensenig) and Anne (Barbara Crampton). They’ve picked up and moved in an attempt to start over, reeling from the death of their son. Paul seems to be coping a little better than Anne, but the wound, for both of them is very fresh, and hard to deal with.

When odd things begin to happen in the house, Anne finds herself hoping and believing that it is their son’s spirit watching over them. Paul isn’t so sure, and thinks it may just be Anne’s way of coping. When trouble starts to happen though, help is going to be needed.

Anne reaches out to her friends, May (Lisa Marie) and Jacob Lewis (Larry Fessenden). May claims to have a bit of psychic ability, and Jacob is always happy to help out with a séance.

Unfortunately, there is something in the house, and it’s not what they think, or what they hope for, and it seems, the house needs a sacrifice…


I love the lingering shots, and I’m the kind of horror buff that loves things like when a character turns off a light, and there’s a shadow of someone/something standing there, and when the lights come back on, there’s nothing there. That, and things moving past the frame in the background. They’re not scary, but they are creepy and they do build up the tension of the moment, because you’re aware of something the characters aren’t.

Is it scary? No. Is it creepy and unnerving? Yes, and the ending… loved it.

There are some wonderful moments, there’s an interesting sense of humour running through a lot of it.

Some folks may feel a little cheated that not everything about the house is explained, why things happen the way they do there, or how everyone is involved, but it’s hinted at, and that’s enough to fire the imagination, and that is the other thing I love about a good horror film, that it makes you think about the reality that the movie exists in… I won’t list the questions that are running through my head, because, well, spoilers, but I love stuff like that.

So if you’re looking for something a little different from the horror genre, something that builds as opposes to piles of jump scares and musical zings, this one may be worth your time. I quite enjoyed it, and plan on getting in a rewatch as soon as I can.

We Are Still Here is available today from Anchor Bay!


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