Magnum, p.i. (1984) – The Return of Luther Gillis and Let the Punishment Fit the Crime


Luther Gillis (Eugene Roche) is back in Hawaii in The Return of Luther Gillis, written by Reuben Leder, with an original air date of 16 February, 1984.

In the town of St. Louis, Luther Gillis earns his living as a hard-boiled detective, but when he gets an invite to go back to Hawaii to accept an award from the National Academy of Private Investigators, overseen by Lloyd DeWitt (Geoffrey Lewis), for his book on being a detective, he and secretary/girlfriend Blanche (Sheree North) hop on a plane…

Thomas and Higgins (John Hillerman) are shocked to find the two show up on the estate’s doorstep, and while they try to find a hotel for the pair to stay in, Higgins and Blanche are kidnapped, and the pair of detectives are forced to work together… again.

All the evidence points to Artie Keanu (Wallace Landford) the criminal they put in jail on their first case together. It seems he’s escaped from prison, and the investigators are trying to track him down to find out where their friends are before it’s too late. We get the duelling voiceovers again, which is fun, and almost cross over into one another, and it’s fun to see the way Higgins and Blanche interact as well. They seem to detest one another almost as much as Thomas hates working with Luther.

As time runs out, the pair come to a troubling conclusion… if it wasn’t Keanu, who was it?

Will they find their friends in time, and will Luther go through with his proposed marriage to Blanche this time or not?


Up next is Let the Punishment Fit the Crime, which aired 23 February, 1984 and was penned by Robert Hamilton.

Agatha (Gillian Dobb), T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) and Rick (Larry Manetti) in kimonos and singing Gilbert and Sullivan? Yup!

It seems Higgins is putting on a charity production of the classic musical The Mikado, with a special guest flying in explicitly to play the lead role, Sir Cedric Brooke (Terence Knapp). While trying to organize security for the event, Thomas is approached by a young woman, Sally DeForest (Kay Lenz). She is intent on hiring him to find her brother, who she believes is on the island, and part of a local cult.

Higgins is less than thrilled to lose his security, but Thomas offers up Rick and T.C., along with that fact that Sally can play piano for the musical, while Higgins directs. Acquiescing, to the idea frees Thomas up to start the hunt for Eric (Christopher Mitchum), Sally’s brother, but he’s not sure Sally is going to like what he finds.

The main story is fine, but the b-story in this one outshines it, the director’s power goes to Higgins’ head, and he becomes a bit of a tyrant, which makes Agatha, and others quit the production, on the day of the performance. There’s also a fun little sequence featuring Agatha teaching Rick and T.C. how to play bridge, and cleaning the two out!

This show is so great, and it’s fun to see secondary and tertiary characters get their moments on a regular basis now.

Aloha everybody!



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