Wayward (2013) – Blake Crouch


So I dug into Blake Crouch’s second book in his Wayward Pines trilogy, and much like the first, rather enjoyed it. I did learn, however, that the series covers all three books in one season, and that to me seems like a waste, so much must have been left out and changed. Fox is the only studio I’ve heard so far that has the rights to a series of books and rushes through the entire set in one season. There was enough material in both of the books so far to make enough episodes for a typical summer series of 6 to 8 episodes.  It seems like a real waste, it would have allowed the series to be set in the same place each season, same cast, but each season would be an almost new take on the genre it was in.

Oh well.

I’ll stuck to the books, and maybe someday, maybe, take in the show.

Book two finds the hero of the first book, Ethan Burke, settling into the town of Wayward Pines. He’s aware now of everything that is going on. He knows why there’s a giant electrified fence surrounding the town, he knows about the cameras, the chips and microphones observing the town and everything that is going on in the lives of its inhabitants. He even has an uneasy alliance with Pilcher, who created the town, and his right hand, the psychotic Pam. He knows what’s out there, beyond the fences, and he knows so many of the town’s secrets.

He also has his wife and son back.


But Wayward Pines has just been plunged into its first murder.

Ethan, as the town’s sheriff, is expected to investigate and resolve it, no matter where it leads to, even if it’s his ex-partner, and ex-lover, Kate…

The more he digs, the more he learns about the town, and its inhabitants. While none of them have any real idea of what’s going on, some have come to the conclusion that they are being watched, but have also learned there are ways around that, and with that comes the ability to remember and rejoice in who they are, and perhaps, revolt and rebel against the people that are keeping them in this small, idyllic town…

There’s also lots of groundwork laid for the third and final book, which I’ll be digging into soon, including the possibility that Theresa, Ethan’s wife, may have had another husband in town before Ethan’s arrival…

Between that, Pilcher, the abbys, and a town that is beginning to final rise up for itself, there is so much going on in this book, that it’s no wonder it spills over into a third and final chapter.

If only they had given that kind of attention to the series. Now, I’m saying that without having seen it, but it just bothers me that they rushed through all three books. Sigh…






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