Issues Vol. 12a

Kirk is on well-earned vacation with his family this week, but the comics at West End Comics keep on coming! So it was with great excitement that I dug into this week’s pull list, though it was rather smaller than my usual haul, it was still food with great stuff!!

efny8Escape From New York (Boom Comics) issue 8, written by Christopher Sebela, art by Diego Barreto, colours by Marissa Louise and letters by Ed Dukeshire. Snake escapes the Tunguska cult, leaving a bit of a mess behind him and makes a run for the Bering Strait, and hopefully America beyond it… But first he’ll have to face off against Hauk one last time, as well as the American forces he went into Siberia with, none of whom are happy to see him, and consider him a traitor after the things that happened in the last issue. As it draws to a close, we hear some news about the president, and as the issue draws to a close, we find Snake back on American soil, and looks like he is about to come full circle.

There are still things I don’t quite enjoy about this book, the art, which to be fair is not bad, I just don’t like the style being used, and the way the action beats are drawn aren’t always my favorite, but I have enjoyed the story, and realized a few issues in that yes, Snake probably has to talk more in this format than he normally would to explain some of the things that are going on. I’ve loved the covers, and more often than not, the story and covers, capture his character perfectly, I just wish the art was a little different. But I think that’s just a personal preference.

shrinking-man-cover-bRichard Matheson’s The Shrinking Man (IDW) issue 1, adapted by Ted Adams, art by Mark Torres, colours by Tomi Varga, and letters by Robbie Robbins. It’s 1956, and our hero, Scott is exposed to a strange radioactive mist that causes him to decrease in size by 1/7 every day. I very much like the art, and way the story is being presented, intercutting Scott’s now, with flashbacks to his shrinking, and the way it is affecting his family, as well as his own personality. In the now, Scott tries to survive at a height of 5/7 inches in a basement where he is starving and trying to find a way to get to some crackers atop a fridge. Trouble is always present as he is being hunted by a black widow spider. The stuff from his past, sees doctors conducting experiments and tests on him, with no answers being found, though there may be more in future issues, as well as arguments with his wife. In this part of the story it’s the way he’s drawn that really works, all his clothes are too big for him, and you can tell they are, and his interactions, romantic or otherwise, become even more strained than they were before his diminishing size, and it resonates pretty emotionally for the character.

This looks to be a really fun and strong adaptation, and even though I’ve seen the movie, and read the original story a long time ago, I’m looking forward to seeing where this one goes…


STAR_WARS_-7_COVER_CMYK-600x888Star Wars (Marvel Comics) issue 7, story by Jason Aaron, art by Simone Bianchi, colours by Justin Ponsor and letters by Chis Elopoulos. Instead of following up on the whole Han Solo has a wife(!) storyline this issue, we get a very engaging tale, with some beautiful art, about Ben Kenobi. This flashback comes from the journal Luke found in old Ben’s home last issue. We learn that Obi-Wan was hoping the young Skywalker would one day find it, so that he could understand and discover more about the Jedi master, and his time on Tatooine.

In his time on the point that that is farthest from the bright center of the universe, Ben tries to live as just a man, repressing his Jedi instincts to help , keeping an eye on Luke from afar because Owen wouldn’t let Ben train the young boy. It proves difficult for him, until a moment appears with a very young Luke Skywalker, and some thugs who are robbing moisture farmers of their water.

It’s cool to see this little escape from the main plot lines of the series that have been introduced so far, but, I was hoping for more of an advancement in the other story threads, I mean this is only issue 7… Still, it’s gorgeously put together, has a fine story, and it’s very awesome to see the Kenobi we knew from the prequels become the Old Ben we know in the Original Trilogy.

Until next week, that’s all I’ve got! Swing by West End Comics, pick up something to read, and then tell me all about it!!





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