Orphan Black S03E09 – Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow


Orphan Black continues to kick ass and take names, and last night was no exception, in fact, they continue to up the ante. Their usual pace of story-telling is breakneck, so I honestly don’t know what to call this one, the penultimate episode pf the season, as it literally left me gasping for breath!

Sarah (Tatiana Maslany), Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) travel to London following up on the code Rachel (Maslany) deciphered last episode. With the hopes of finding the Castor source, S leads the charge in the action, planning on killing the original.

They meet up with an old friend of S’ (who gets to belt out a tune – shades of The Commitments!), Terrance (Daniel Fathers), who after revealing the number in the code is an identification of a criminal, one named Kendall Malone, is confronted by Ferdinand (James Frain) who seems intent on, if not catching up with Sarah and the gang, than at least destroying anyone who helps them, or provides them with information.

As Sarah and Felix track down Kendall (Alison Steadman), the revelations in the last few moments of the episode come fast and furious, as once again everything is set on its ear!

We get a brief look at the Castors (Ari Millen) this episode, once with Rudy, who, under Dr. Coady’s (Kyra Harper) examination is showing signs of twitching, suggesting his time is almost up… and Mark (also Millen) as the revelation is made of who was spying on Cosima (also Maslany) and Shay (Ksenia Solo).

Believing that Shay is the spy, however, Cosima has gone to Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) for help, and the head of Dyad confronts Shay, and we’re left wondering exactly how things play out, even after Cosima learns who the real spy was.


Gracie (Zoe de Grand Maison), after making some goodbyes… flees!

Some of the lighter moments, though they definitely reveal lots about her character and how far she’s come, and how far she still has to go, come from Helena (always Maslany). She gets to impersonate, in her own way, with a cold that messes with syntax, Alison (happily, Maslany).

She coaches little Gemma (Millie Davis) for her upcoming karate tournament, and points out how she can win… She also spends a  lot of time with Donnie (Kristian Bruun) this episode, and the two of them together are brilliant!

It seems Donnie is still in rough shape and has been delivered an ultimatum by Lionel (Gavin Fox), return the pills to Pouchy (Tony Cianchino), as the deal has been reconsidered. And until the pills are returned, they grab the nitrogen container (holding Helena’s embryos) to hold as collateral.

Donnie goes to return the pills, and things go off the rails pretty quickly with Helena’s arrival, and a threat is made against the Hendrix children.

Things are racing to a heart-pounding conclusion as revelations are made, lives are risked, and you know for all the answers we get next week, there will still be something that knocks us back and leaves us gob-smacked until the next season gets underway…

Orphan Black, season 3, concludes next week on Space!


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