Magnum, p.i. (1982) – Flashback and Foiled Again 


This week’s installment features yet another favorite episode of mine (though let’s be honest, I have a lot of those in this series).

Flashback was written by Lance Madrid III, and aired 4 November, 1982. Thomas (Tom Selleck) awakes to find himself in 1936, with a strange knowledge of a case he’s asked to work… a murder. Anne Lockhart returns to the series in her second appearance, this time playing Brenda McCutchen, who is desperate for help in proving a man’s innocence before he is executed.

As Thomas stumbles about, digging on the clothes, and bumping into Higgins (John Hillerman), Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley), and they all help in their ways, but it’s Thomas’ interaction with T.C. that I most enjoyed in this episode. Tom is convinced everything is a dream, but when he gets a cut in 1936, and the tag at the end of the episode involves a reveal, he and the viewers are left to wonder if something more was happening here.

It’s definitely a lot of fun, the clothes look great, the cars are amazing, and the look of the episode is just a joy, it also proves the series could work in this time period as well as in the 80s. However, even as Thomas figures out who is truly guilty, he ends up on the wrong side of the gun, and wakes up… in his own time, realizing that he was working on a case in his mind, and has now solved it, which leads to a dangerous re-enactment for Tom…


Foiled Again gives a bit of a look at Higgins early life, particularly his school days. This episode aired 11 November, 1982 and was written by Tom Greene. It seems Jonathan Higgins has some problems with a bully in middle school, one William Troubshaw (Paxton Whitehead), and these troubled times and so many more are brought to the fore as Troubshaw arrives on the island with his wife, Higgins’ old flame, Velma (Dana Wynter) who married William while Higgins was in the service and out of the country.

It’s a pain that seemingly the estate’s major domo never got over.

TYroubshaw squares off against Higgins in an island fencing tournament, and seems close to trouncing the man, when Troubshaw is struck with Higgins foil and is electrocuted. Higgins, the poor man, is willing to accept his fate, and believes himself guilty of the murder, even if it was an accident, and then on the revelation that Velma feels she should have divorced William long ago to be away from his bullying, and tyrannical home life, he is willing to take the fall for her.

But what  if there is something more going on here than just bad blood, and old memories?

Thomas needs to find out what is going on before his friend is found guilty of a murder he didn’t commit!!

It all works out, and our friends are reunited and ready to take on the next episode!






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  1. lenore Candiotti says:

    My favorite episode

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