Toronto Comicon Day 3


Yesterday was the last day of the Toronto Comicon, but Sue and I made sure we ended as happily and as strong as we started! We made sure to swing by and chat with our friend Tim Doiron at the 88 movie booth. Remember to check out their official site and trailer here.


We sat in on some panels (Terry Farrell continues to prove herself a complete delight), saw some new and old friends and saw some amazing things…

We were invited to chat with the Bitten cast, represented by Greg Bryk, Steve Lund, Tommie-Amber Pirie and Tammy Isbell. Greg was happy to serve as camera man this time around for our trademarked video selfies…

We swung by the Touchwood PR press booth, to offer our thanks to everyone again. They have been amazing! And of course we had to take a picture with Dan, one of Touchwood’s amazing folks!


From there we wandered celebrity row again, and found Defiance’s Jaime Murray with whom we were delighted to sit and chat with for a few minutes…

We also wanted to make sure we chatted with out friend, Tim Doiron about 88, and it’s upcoming Canadian release. And honestly, make sure we had come laughs as well.

And we finished out con experience with the Defiance panel, watching Tony Curran, Jesse Rath, Jaime Murray, Grant Bowler, and Graham Green have a delightful time, telling stories, making us and one another laugh, and hinting about what is to come in season 3!


Then, it was all over, and it was time to go home… But it wouldn’t have been a complete day without adding a couple more Pop! Funko figures to the now, growing collection on my shelf…


Cannot wait for the next con!!!


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