Toronto Comicon Day 2


The awesomeness that is Toronto’s Comicon continued today in a huge way! Sue and I got time to chat with some new and old friends, make people laugh. and just generally enjoy ourselves!

We arrived early, as we’d been invited to join the photocall for the convention’s guests. But first we both stopped off to rule the universe…


I mean, how could we resist?


We met up with other press folk, chatted with some of the awesome people from Touchwood PR (who have been doing a fantastic job this weekend).

We found ourselves ready for the day…


and were delighted to be able to chat with stuntman, Dickey Beer, who has worked on Bond films, Indiana Jones films, Bourne films, and Star Wars films!!

Once the camera was off, we had an even more wonderful chat with Dickey as he discussed his craft and his love of it.

We were then introduced to the stunning Terry Farrell, and while everyone wants to talk about Star Trek: Deep Space 9, I wanted to to talk about the fact that she guest starred on my favorite show of all time, Quantum Leap, in the episode Leap for Lisa. She was amazing, funny and lovely.

It got even better for us, when we then got to chat with Teal’c or rather, Christopher Judge of Stargate: SG-1.

After Christopher Judge we got to chat with Chad Coleman, who was in a little show called The Walking Dead, but will very soon be seen on the highly anticipated… The Expanse!

After the photocall, we went and hit the floor to see what else was going on out there…


I love seeing all the costumes, and seeing what people are wearing, and was delighted to see Baymax from Big Hero 6!


We swung by Celebrity Row, and had a chance to catch up with some familiar faces from Defiance!

After chatting briefly with Grant Bowler, and getting tiny hints about what to expect for Season 3, we took a turn with Jesse Rath as well.

From there, we sat in on a panel with Aaron Ashmore and creator Michelle Lovretta (Lost Girl) to hear about their upcoming Space channel series, Killjoys, for which they shared a clip… and it looks like it may be a highly enjoyable science fiction series.

After the panel, we were afforded a few minutes with Aaron and had a quick fun chat with him.

From there, we raced upstairs to grab a few minutes with our friends Kevin Hanchard, Kristian Bruun, and new pals, Josh Vokey and Ari Millen.

We got to chat with Kevin, Josh and Ari, and then just caught up with Kristian afterwards, as he’d been called away by the CBC.


And then the day couldn’t be complete without finding another Pop! Funko figure to add to my collection… well, it was actually three today…



Let’s see what happens tomorrow!!!




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