Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala


The hoopla and excitement from the past week has now died down, but Sue and I thought it would be nice to share a slew of the pictures we took from the Broadcast Gala in one post…We’ve shared a lot of these on Twitter and Facebook, but here they are all in one place…


The outdoor, tented red carpet, on the corner of Queen and University…

We hung out in the reception area for a while and caught up with some of our friends. We saw CSA winner Supinder Wraich, we bumped into Lost Girl’s Emily Andras.


It’s always so much fun to mug and play with Emily on camera. (and yes, I am wearing a Corner Gas shirt under my blazer).

We also chatted with Touchwood PR’s Dan the Man…


Touchwood did an amazing job looking after us all week, and we’re ever so thankful to them.

Sue and I got settled into the press room, the coolest one I’ve been in to date, brilliantly laid out and organized..


…and we settled into our seats to get ready for what we knew was going to be an awesome night. .


(What do you mean Orphan Black isn’t nominated for everything?)

After a very sating meal, and the first of a (undisclosed number of) Steam Whistle beers, Sue and I realized we may need some snacks. So I ran next door to grab a couple bags of chips to get us through the evening and on the way back, I bumped into…


Lost Girl’s Paul Amos and Kris Holden-Ried!

We knew it was going to be q truly awesome night after Andrea Martin’s opening skit and monologue!

We knew things were off to a good start when both Bomb Girls and Jodi Balfour took awards and producer Adrienne Mitchell posed with Jodi’s award!



Between awards I took a chance and ran up and snapped a picture from the press room stage to see what the view was like when they began to answer the press’ questions. Probably no where near as intimidating as it would have been looking out at the faces in the audience of the gala… but still…


That’s a lot of journalists and they were all texting, tweeting, blogging and filing as the night went on!!

That didn’t stop me from grabbing a quick snap and chinwag with critic and film lover Richard Crouse who was MCing the event for the press…


The lovely Joanna Cassidy won for her role in Call Me Fitz, but Richard, being the film lover he is, couldn’t resist bringing up the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner, and whether or not Zhora would be back in some form or another…


Then the very lovely Missy Peregrym won for her performance in Rookie Blue.


Sue and I were, of course, delighted when Tatiana Maslany won for Best Actor in a Dramatic Series, and led the cheers for her!


And, who reacted like this, when she saw us cheering her on!


The very cool, Don McKellar, grabbed himself a Best Performance award for Sensitive Skin, and was very entertaining in the press room…


And if we were happy before with Tatiana’s win, imagine our elation when Orphan Black took home Best Dramatic Series!


And then our friend Kristian Bruun realized we were there too…


We gave them our congrats, got our hugs, and then checked out Xavier Dolan, who took home Best Director and Best Picture for Mommy.


From the moment I’d left my place that afternoon, I’d been thinking how cool it would be to have a picture with Tatiana and Kristian… But that surely wouldn’t happen would it? When would we get a chance to steal a moment with them?

But both of them, seeing us cheering them on, and taking pictures at the photo call, were more than happy to oblige, and provided Sue and I with some of our favorite moments of the night…


And I can’t help but smile every single time I see this picture…


It was a fantastic night, thank you to Touchwood PR for letting us cover it, thank you to each and everyone of you who chatted, tweeted, retweeted, and shared our passion for the night!

We’ll hope to see you next year!!

You can find a complete list of the winners here, in case you missed our rapid fire, Twitter feed that night, or didn’t watch the broadcast!





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