Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) – The War Games


Patrick Troughton’s final story as The Doctor is this 10 part story written by Malcolm Hulke and Terrance Dicks that ran from 19 April to 21 June, 1969.

The TARDIS arrives on, what the Doctor believes, initially, is a battlefield in World War I, but it becomes apparent very quickly that they are not where they think they are, as the begin to encounter personnel and armies from different time periods. All of who seem to be controlled by generals or majors, that are able to influence them via eye pieces, whether they are glasses or monocles.

These war lords have kidnapped all these humans, to help develop a dangerous army in their attempt to take over the galaxy, and all of their efforts are coordinated and overseen by the War Chief (Edward Brayshaw), whom viewers were realize fairly quickly, is more than he appears, because when he sends troops into the different battlefields, they travel via a large box, which is bigger on the inside, and has a very familiar sound.

The War Chief is a time lord.

And as the story progresses, it begins to race to an inevitable conclusion… Things are coming apart quickly on the battlefields as a resistance begins to fight against the War Lords, and try to avoid being subjugated by their mind control again. The Doctor wants to return all of these people to their proper timelines, but, even if the War Chief helps, they can’t get them all home.

Much to Jamie’s (Frazer Hines) and Zoe’s (Wendy Padbury) surprise, the Doctor decides the only answer is to call his own people, the Time Lords to come and help.

It takes 9 episodes of the story to get to this point, and then they race through the final 25 minutes story, which is the one that is undeniably the most interesting…

The War Games 15

The Time Lords rescue everyone, and bring the Doctor in to stand trial on their home world, Gallifrey, though it is not mentioned by name.

It is here, that we learn about the Time Lord’s policy of non-interference, a rule that the Doctor has broken again and again since the beginning of the series. He makes an impassioned plea, showing the court the number of enemies that he has saved Earth and countless other planets from, including the Daleks, which, to me, hints that his involvement with the Daleks is what brought the Time Lords to their attention in the first place.

The Doctor is forced to say goodbye to Jamie and Zoe, who are being returned to their own timelines, with their adventures in the TARDIS forgotten. The Doctor, is found guilty by the Time Lords, who he accuses of not having a sense of humor, and is sentenced to exile… setting up the next series.

The Doctor will be exiled to the planet he so loves, Earth, and they are forcing a regeneration.

We don’t get a look at Jon Pertwee, instead, Troughton’s Doctor is pulled away into darkness as his regeneration begins, and the credits roll as he disappears.

So ends Troughton’s run. He was a highly enjoyable Doctor, but know we plunge forward into the 70s and the first colour episodes, as the Doctor takes up residence on Earth and works with UNIT.

Next time, he takes on the Spearhead from Space!

The War Games 4



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