Magnum, p.i. (1982) – The Jororo Kill and Computer Date


Tyne Daly guests in the first episode, The Jororo Kill, as Kate Sullivan, journalist. This episode was written by Bellisario, Reuben Leder, Andrew Schneider and Alan Sutterfield, with an airdate of 7 January, 1982.

Kate Sullivan, who Thomas (Tom Selleck), Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) all know, journeys to Hawaii to find a former MI6 operative, Ed Russler (Burr DeBenning), who, rumor has it is now surfacing on the island, and is planning on writing an explosive book. In fact, Kate seems to be up to something that puts her ethics in doubt, as it seems that the operative is now a killer, and he’s a master of disguise. His target is in Hawaii, and Kate knows who it is, and possibly even when the killer is going to strike.

The stuff with the assassin is really well done, and the make-up is fantastic, as he changes genders, outfits, and weapons. As Thomas races to find out what’s going on, he is forced to confront his old friend Kate, and question the things she’s done, and when she lost her journalistic integrity – to the point that she may be willing to sacrifice a life to get a good story.

This one is a little more tense, than previous episodes, working like a thriller, as Thomas tries to stop an assassination attempt by someone who could be anyone! It puts their friendship in a precarious place, not to mention Kate’s career.


The second episode, Computer Date, was written by Babs Greyhosky and aired 14 January, 1982. I’ll get to the episode in a moment, but I was delighted when I saw a sequence when Thomas pulls up in front of a hotel, after coming around a corner. A hotel, that I recognized, because Thomas turned off of Koa, and parked in front of the Hyatt, I was in a hotel on Koa, and walked by that place every day! I pointed and grinned when I saw that on the screen.


Thomas gets McReynolds’ (Jeff Mackay) help when he’s called in to find who’s leaking and stealing information from a company that organizes computer dates. When the CEO, James Randolph (Charles Aidman) approaches Thomas about taking on an additional case, he takes it, though he knows he shouldn’t. It seems the CEO suspects his wife, Claudia (Nancy DeCarl) may be having an affair. And he’s right…

She’s having a relationship with Rick.

Thomas walks away from the case, but it puts a strain on his friendship with Rick, as his friend feels he should have been told, but Thomas stuck to his client confidentiality agreement.

But, he begins to realize, that both of the cases are connected, and that perhaps his friend, who tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, may be being used.

Greyhosky writes these characters so well, and I like how she brings up the drama between the central characters, not just everyone else. It fills out their relationships more, and makes them fuller characters.

From here on out, I’m watching for places I recognize as well… which there were a few!!







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