Trailer Tracks: Nightmare On Elm Street – Wes Craven


As a teenager, my brother, our friend and I, suddenly got into horror movies, and we began renting them on VHS and watching them together pretty much every week.  Some were gross, many were cheesy, several were scary as hell, and all of them were good fun.  While it was the 3rd film in this series that initially sealed our love for it, the classic original is still among the best of the best to this day.  Director Wes Craven is at the top of his game as a master of horror.  He never gives us a good look at Freddy, and has no problem giving us female heroines to help us through the nightmares unfolding on screen.  Even for someone who doesn’t find it scary, the sound of Freddy’s glove is like nails on a chalkboard, and never ceases to create a chill down the spine.

Fan Expo Canada (along with Rue Morgue) has just announced a reunion of sorts with Heather Langenkamp, John Saxon and Freddy himself, Robert Englund, as part of their line-up this year, and in honour of that – not to mention the wonderful yet very young Johnny Depp – I give you the one, the only…Nightmare On Elm Street!

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