Defiance S02E01 – The Opposite of Hallelujah



Defiance is back tonight on Showcase, and if anyone was worried that wouldn’t be able to wrap you up again in the world and the story will find themselves sadly mistaken. Of course, we know how much I love this show! I watched the preview discs Showcase sent me of the first season (containing the first four episodes) and re-watched them at least 3 times each! I’m very happy to welcome this one back to my home screen…


The world is opened up in a whole new way, with a visit to some new locations as characters slowly come together again. We get glances of a permanently iced-in New Chicago, as well as the west coast Angel Arc, as the opener picks up 9 months after the events of last year’s season finale.

Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) has disappeared, and Nolan (Grant Bowler – looking awesome and channeling his inner Snake Plissken) has been prowling the country looking for her.

Back in Defiance, more changes are afoot. Amanda Rosewater (Julie Benz) has taken over the Need/Want, clinging to the hope that her sister will reappear. Stahma (Jaime Murray) and Alak (Jesse Rath) are securing their power on the criminal element, while Alak also works on his record producing career.

Defiance - Season 2

The E-Rep have taken over the McCawley mines, and instated a ‘temporary’ Mayor, Pottinger (Jim Murray), we also get a glimpse of someone else higher up the E-Rep chain, and who is less than impressed with Pottinger… William Atherton is Viceroy Mercado! Tommy (Dewshane Williams) is the new lawkeeper, and I don’t want to think he’s a collaborator per se… but, maybe he just wants to hold onto his position and help out as he can.

And then there is this little thing called Camp Reverie, which is where we find Datak (Tony Curran) (who tries to break the no-touching rule, poor guy) and Doc Yewll (Trenna Keating, who alongside Grant has the best lines in the episode).

The opener looks great, and I LOVED the looks we got of other places around the continent and how they’d been changed by the arrival of the Votans, there’s a real feel to the world, and Nolan, different from how we left him at the end of Season 1, is a man on a mission. He wants his daughter back!

When he finds her, we learn pretty quick that she has changed as well, and she’s being plagued by violent visions.

And finally, because I have written so much about Defiance for today… Watch for Sue’s friend Lizz Alexander as a very distinctive looking Castithan!

I’m so happy Defiance is back! Watch it tonight on Showcase!









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