Odd Thomas (2013) – Stephen Sommers


Anchor Bay was kind enough to send along a copy of the Blu-Ray release of Odd Thomas to me. Sue Maynard and I were lucky enough to catch a screening of it at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival last year. Check out her original review here.

While predominantly a supernatural thriller, Odd Thomas has a little bit of everything, and wherein most films this mish mash of genres might not work, with this film, especially thanks to the strong performances of Anton Yelchin as the titular Odd Thomas, and his girlfriend Stormy played by Addison Timlin.

Yelchin provides a voice-over narration to introduce us to his world, his abilities and the occasional witty aside. It seems Odd sees dead people, and monstrous beings called Bodachs, which always foretell the arrival of some seriously bad happenings.


When his small town suddenly begins crawling with these creatures, Odd has to figure out what is going on before something truly terrible occurs.

Aided by police chief Wyatt Porter (Willem Dafoe) who believes in Odd’s abilities, the trio has less than 24 hours…

The film moves along at a very brisk pace, and like all of Sommer’s films there doesn’t seem to be any grey, you either like the film or you hate it.

For me, I firmly came down on the side of loved it, and am making sure that I dig up the novel series by Dean Koontz on which the film is based to add to my list of books to read.

Yelchin has fast become a favorite of mine, and has, for my money, never turned in a bad performance, he imbues Odd with a sense of reality that helps ground him, and makes him more believable to the audience.


The picture translates nicely to home theater, and in the days of video stores, I believe this one would develop a hearty cult following. It’s harder to be sure in the time of VOD and Netflix, but I’d be interested in hearing if it continues to grow.

The only downside to this Blu-Ray release is that there are absolutely no extras on it, it’s a bare bones edition. I would have loved a commentary, and a couple of behind the scenes featurettes. Oh well.

Still, this one has found a special place in my collection alongside John Dies At The End. I do love those smaller, slightly off films that you know are destined to find homes on cult lists.

Have you read the books or seen the film? What are your thoughts?

Odd Thomas is available today on Blu-Ray and DVD from Anchor Bay!


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