Canadian Screen Awards 2014 – Gala 2


Okay, I had a much different post planned, but then I got caught up doing stuff for my day job (you know, the one that pays me), and am quickly running out of day, so I’ve decided instead to just list as many highlights as I can think of to share with you all!  The press room view was much the same as described by Tim from the evening before, except that this time I was on my own, so there was no one to keep me out of trouble.  😉

There was definitely a different feel to the night, if only because there were many many many Canadian celebs and icons mingling about.  As I was checking in, I was informed that I’d *just* missed my beloved Seed cast peeps, as they’d been on the red carpet but had headed inside about two minutes prior to my arrival.  So I headed to the press room to grab a bite to eat before the chaos began.

Steve Patterson shouldered the hosting duties again, and seemed to have a good time doing so, especially once he remembered he was now amongst “his people”.  The first few awards were handed out and accepted quickly, and I was happy to see Nicholas Campbell snag the supporting/guest role in a comedic series award for Less Than Kind, because I of course loved him on Haven.  I wonder if he’d ever do our show?  🙂

I held my breath for the ladies’ version of the same category, as my ever-adored Laura de Carteret was nominated for her role in Seed.  My disappointment at not hearing her name called as the winner was slightly assuaged by how hysterically funny and energetic Nikki Payne is.  She won for her role in Satisfaction, and her acceptance speech cracked me up so much that I was able to settle in and enjoy the rest of my night with a grin on my face.


So – further highlights?

Sean Cullen KILLED IT, every single moment he was on stage.  He’d accepted an award for Best Performance in an Animated Program or Series for Almost Naked Animals really early in the evening, and that was funny enough, but then watching him hand out awards in the writing categories was almost more fun than I could bear.  I was laughing and tweeting my appreciation as much as possible, because I could have watched him riff on things all night long.

Degrassi’s Stefan Brogren won one of the directing awards, and I’m pretty sure he gave the best speech of the night.  If not the best, then he at least had the most prolific use of the f-word I’ve encountered in quite awhile – and definitely the greatest parting line ever before he was Jaws-themed off the stage!  I won’t quote it here, but lets just say it involved our Mayor.  😉

Meg Tilly is always a highlight in my world, and last night was no exception.  She handed out a group of awards after the break, and – okay, first of all, she looked amazing!  Her hair is gorgeous, her dress was stunning, and her smile just lights up a room on the darkest of days, anyway, so…yeah.  She was amazing.  I was dutifully taking notes on who all the winners were as we went along, but then we got to the Costume Design category, and from there I started to lose my mind.  The nominees were read out, and Bomb Girls was one of them.  I stared at the screen in the press room, oblivious to the rest of the press peeps around me, and watched Meg tear open the envelope to announce the winner.  She gasped, and my right arm flew into the air for a victorious fist pump (because I was suddenly transformed into Judd Nelson at the end of The Breakfast Club).  By the time she called out “BOMB GIRLS!” as the winner, I was whooping and applauding.

I was the only person in the press room who whooped and fist-pumped my way through the rest of the awards ceremony.  I blame the Steam Whistle.  🙂

We are blurry from excitement.
We are blurry from excitement.

Flash-forward a few more awards, and suddenly people I sort of know went on a run.  There was a whole Orphan Black parade of winners, kicking off with one Natalie Lisinska.  Sue’s arms fly into the air and a mental plan on when to meet Natalie in the interview room begins.  Jordan Gavaris’ name is called – Sue’s arms flail again and the plan is amended slightly.  Maria Doyle Kennedy wins Supporting Actress in a Drama for Orphan Black, and I’ve officially lost my shit.  I pack up my stuff and head to the interview area, just ahead of Natalie’s arrival, and settle in for a few quick greetings, if possible.

I decide to try and catch up with the mad tweeting going on as the Clone Club deserved to be freaking out with my by proxy, so in trying to keep up with the tweets coming out of the CSA’s official feed, I learn that Katie Boland has just won for Long Story, Short!  Holy hell!

THEN Bomb Girls takes home their second award of the evening, this time for Best Achievement in Casting, and I can’t even process anything anymore.  I start snapping selfies with Natalie and Katie and their awards, I babble something to Jordan as part of an elongated congratulations, and he helps by actually remembering when we first met, so that was awesome, too.

After that mini-mind-flail, I headed back to the TV/food room and watched the rest of the ceremony while trying to settle the heck down.  Met some fellow media-types with whom I shared a table and some laughs over the course of the night, and worshipped at the altar of Colm Feore, who received the Earle Grey Award earlier in the evening, and accepted it with the grace and general wonderfulness that one would expect from such a genuine and talented guy.

Also, Dave Foley NOT promoting the premiere of his new series, Spun Out (premiering tonight on CTV), cracked me up to no end!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening once again, and Tim and I are both so excited for Sunday that we can hardly wait!

Make sure to catch all the action and antics from the broadcast gala of the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards on CBC starting at 8pm.  In the meantime, you can catch up on all the winners from the week so far right here.

Until then, and always, “we’re on each other’s screens”.


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