The Breach (2009) – Patrick Lee


I heard David Goyer picked up the rights for this book (and probably its sequels) and it sounded rather intriguing so I figured I would take a look. I’d come across things that said it was like a combination of 24 and The X-Files with a dose of Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure if the all that’s entirely true, but it’s definitely a corker!

Travis Chase is an ex-cop and an ex-con, who is trying to figure out where to go next in his life – join up with his brother for his growing software company, or relocate to Alaska and live a quiet life. He decides to take a hiking trip in the snowy Alaskan wilderness to sort his mind out, and stumbles across a crashed 747 with no survivors, among the murdered dead is the First Lady who had enough time to leave a note, and send Travis off on an amazing adventure that sees him diving into a world of incredible technologies and the people fighting to control it and the place where they come from, a tear in the fabric of the world known as The Breach.

For a while I thought this one was going to read as a straight forward action title with a healthy dose of sci-fi thrown in for good measure, and thought I would enjoy it for what it was… but then, halfway through the book, and then three-quarters of the way, there are a couple of nice twists that I didn’t see coming, though the seeds were planted for them.

Joining Travis on this race against time is Paige Campbell, who works for Tangent, an organization that answers to no government but works for them all, and was created to protect The Breach and the technology that comes through it from being misused.


The book rockets along at a break neck pace never letting up, which I hope will translate well to the big screen. There’s some great set pieces that I highly enjoyed, with small breathers in between.

This is the first book in a trilogy, the other two are Ghost Country and Deep Sky. So while most of the story gets wrapped up by the first book’s end, there is a revelation in the last few pages that reveals why everything has happened and leaves us in a bit of a cliffhanger position as it ends.

Happily, I have the next two books ready to go, and am looking forward to seeing what Lee does with them.

Travis is an interesting character, and I found my opinion of him changing through the course of the book, as we occasionally flash back to his past to find out what happened to him, why he was in prison, and how he got there.

The advanced tech at use in the book is cool, and the encounters with The Whisper are a little freaky, and once again makes you see everything that happens in a new way.

I like that, the story keeps rocketing forward, but all the motivations and revelations make it really fluid, and I just found myself totally engaged by it.

Have you read them? Let me know what you think!

Patrick Lee_The Breach

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