Toronto After Dark: Evil Feed (2013) – Kimani Ray Smith


Gory Night continued last night with the second extreme feature, following the coming-of-age, serial-killer is my brother film, Found, with Evil Feed.

The film centers on a Chinese restaurant that kidnaps martial artists, forces them to fight in a cage match, and the loser, properly tenderized by the beating, is served up as dinner to the establishment’s patrons. So you can imagine this one crosses and embraces a lot of genres.

It’s most easily definable as a gory homage to the grindhouse films of the 70s. The film embraces its trappings, with violence and gore, stereotypes, editing, as well as its saturation of color on the sets, there are stress lines added to the film, adding to its 70s feel. It also embraces the joy of the 80s cheesy one-liners, of which there are many, and elicit as many laughs as groans.


The Long Pig, the Chinese restaurant at the center of the story, is the main location for a mish mash of characters, all caught up in one night’s insane events. The Pig, with its unusual menu, is run by Terry Chen, playing Steven, and he seems to be channeling his best Joel Grey from Cabaret, as well as his Malcolm McDowell from Clockwork Orange.

He seizes control of the business from his father, rather violently, with the aid of his girlfriend, and hostess, Yuki (Alyson Bath) and upgrades his location, and expands it to include all manner of pleasures that all lead to human flesh of one form or another being served.


Jenna (Laci J. Mailey) is captured by Steven’s gang, who have already captured, and served her father as well as holding her sister, Sheila (Krista Dinsmore) for their nefarious needs.

Her friends Tyrone (Alain Chanonine) and his group sneak into the Long Pig in an attempt to rescue her, but it’s going to be a long bloody night full of violence, unnecessary surgery, dickie rolls, and surprises… I don’t think everyone is making it out of this one alive.

The film is completely over-the-top, reveling in its violence, gore, and it’s wonderful scene-chewing and flesh-chewing performances. This is a one of those films that needs to be seen with a bunch of like-minded folk, and a festival crowd who knows what they are getting into is the perfect audience, there were laughs, applause, and cries of disgust. Would this be one I watched on my own at home? I don’t think so, this is one to share, but this one is not for the meek with its cutting off of people’s faces, eating of body parts both raw and cooked, and tons and tons of blood. It was the perfect cap for Gory Night at Toronto After Dark, which all this week has continued to prove itself one of my favorite film festivals.

Tonight is Scary Night, and I am quite looking forward to The Banshee Chapter… What will you be watching After Dark?


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