TIFF – Short Cuts Canada Programme 2


There is more TIFF goodness screening today in the Short Cuts Canada Programme 2. They can be seen today at 2:30pm or tomorrow at noon, both screenings are at the Lightbox.

There is some great shorts in this collection,there is whimsy, fun, and tears.

The one in this collection that touched me the most was Johnny Ma’s A Grand Canal, crafting an autobiographical tale about his father, and one last wish to properly say goodbye to his father. It’s brilliantly shot, and the touching moment when he gets to give his father the farewell he always wanted had me very misty-eyed. A beautiful poetic piece. This is one of my favorite shorts that I’ve seen so far this year.


Beasts In The Real World, a fun little creation from Sol Friedman starts out on a sushi restaurant’s conveyor belt, but then spends some time with an odd-looking creature about to be served up for dinner. From there it’s an odd journey filled with animation and science fiction before bringing us back to the conveyor belt. It’s eccentric, fun and a visual treat to watch.

Seasick from Eva Cvijanovic, is a whimsical animated film that spends time near and in the water. Crafted in pen and ink, it’s lovely to watch the images shift from one frame to another, as the film’s protagonist rolls about in the water, exploring and living.

Daybreak by Ian Lagarde follows a gang of kids on the edge of adolescence, there’s a young boy and girl who seem to be just about getting to old for the group that seems intent on being violent, disruptive and, in all honesty, destructive. Filmed with a documentarian’s eye, we follow the group and the young boy from misadventure to misadventure, wrecking a friend’s house, choking out a friend, being bullied about kissing his girlfriend… Or are we? This one was well-crafted and left me wondering at what point kids changed to what they are now, from when I was a kid…

Noah by Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg takes a look at relationships through the lens of social media, as things rapidly go from bad to worse as Noah uses his iphone, Facebook and Skype to try to ascertain what’s going on in his relationship with his girlfriend. I was shaking my head at how far the character went. It speaks to how easy it is to stay behind screens and interact with people that way, from a distance, instead of doing it in person.


My friend Jeremy Lalonde’s Out is featured in this programme and has a hilarious turn from David Tompa and Tommie-Amber Pirie. Tompa plays a young man who at a family dinner comes out to his parents… as a vampire. Hilarity ensues as the family goes out of their way to try to adapt to this new and unusual lifestyle, written and directed with the deftness and skill I’ve come to expect from Jeremy, this one was a hoot!

Rounding out this programme is an imaginative romp entitled Young Wonder. James Wilkes fills the frame with the imagination of young boys at play, how action figures can come to life, how a finger can be a gun, and how a day in the woods can be a fantastic adventure, if a little violent, for those involved.

Remember, don’t let the fact that you can’t get to the Lightbox in Toronto dissuade you from seeing some of these and other fantastic shorts! The TIFF 2013 YouTube channel will have some of them for viewing shortly after their screenings, so keep a weather eye out, and check here!


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  1. smellycat says:

    Can’t wait see “OUT” Jeremy short ! 🙂

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