National Theatre of the World presents I Seen You On T.V.

After our chat with Matt Baram and Vanessa Matsui of Seed (what til you see that ep!) Sue and I were asked if we would like to check out an improv show at the Drake Hotel.

We responded with a resounding yes.

The last Wednsesday of every month, the National Theatre of the World put on a performance at the Drake hotel, and it features names and faces you’ll recognize in an ever-changing cast bringing to life some hysterical situations before your eyes.

Fresh off their successful presentation of the Dora Mavor Moore Awards recognizing Canadian talent in the art scene. Co-founders of the National Theatre of the World, and co-hosts Naomi Snieckus (Mr. D) and Matt Baram (Seed) set the stage for this month’s show, by including a special guest, Mark McKinney (Kids In The Hall), who was celebrating his birthday!

mattThe evening’s performance was cut into two halves, running about 45 minutes each, with completely different casts each time, except for Matt, Mark and Naomi.

Some of the faces were familiar, but the projetcs they work on or write for, were VERY familiar, Garry Campbell (writer for MadTV and The Ron James Show), Kirsten Johnson (painter, artist and actress (Brain Candy)), Albert Howell (writer for This Hour Has 22 Minutes), Sandy Jobin-Bevans (Second City’s Slap Shot, Dawn of the Dead), Matt Watts (Scott Pilgrm vs The World, Michael: Tuesdays & Thursdays), Amy Matysio (Little Mosque, Stranded), Dave Pearce (writer on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight), Chris Gibbs (Winnipeg Comedy Festival), Michal Grajewski (Canadian Improv Games).

exrciseWith a predigree like that, we were pretty much guaranteed to bust a gut, a rib, our sides, and end up in traction from laughing. By night’s end, our faces hurt from laughing and smiling so much.

Each half is started off by Matt and Naomi introducing this half’s cast, and a little chit chat with the audience as well as a call back item or scenario to start them off…

And then they were off!

From children with aversions to rites of passage, to exorcising and exercising demons, nothing was verboten, and you could see that not only did the audience enjoy it, but occasionally cast members were pushed to the breaking point and succumbing to laughter.

markThere was a visit to a restaurant called Elbows where we learned about cancer of the personality, Mark McKinney had a brilliant bit as a man who’s urinary tract went up over his left shoudler and down again (you had to see it) and it just didn’t stop.

Both halves of the show rocketed along, leaving behind a joyous audience, that had a brilliant eve.

And the great thing is, it’s going to happen again, but be all new, at the end of July!!

Check out their website here for more info, or follow them on Twitter @The_NTOW .

It was a great night out, and Sue and I will be going back! Let us know if you want to come with!!


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