The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse (2012) – Justin Paul Ritter

Releasing today on DVD and Blu-ray from Anchor Bay Entertainment is this spooky, violent and enjoyable CG-animated feature based on the Dynamite Entertainment graphic novel.

I came into the film unfamiliar with the original comic but intrigued by the idea, a zombie, John Romero (Michael Villar) becomes self-aware, urged back to reality even as he slaughters his family, though the only one who seems to recognize him is his son, Taylor (Emrys Wright).

It’s then that the Corpse decides to find his son, watch over him and keep him safe. But the powers that be on earth, and below have other plans.

The CG is a little on the low-end, think Jimmy Neutron crossed with ReBoot, with a healthy dose of blood and violence added in for good measure. But the story is kind of involving, and features interesting takes on some familiar monsters, as well as some new ones, like the crypt-eaters and their master, I ghostly woman who haunts a cemetery seeking her daughter, and unusual allies in the underworld including the Worthless Murk (Ryan McGivern) and Asteroth (Marshal Hilton).

johnmurkAfter the film’s opening incident, watched over by doctors Brainchild (C.J. Baker) and Markys (Conroe Brooks), arrange for Taylor to be moved to a private school where they can keep an eye on him, all while John seeks answers to his own dilemmas, his he alive, does he have a soul, and how can he resist eating when brains taste so good?

Taylor is torn over his father, he knows his father is out there, but also knows, hell he witnessed his father kill his mother and his sister in the opening zombie attack, so to say he’s a little divided over his feelings is probably putting it a little lightly.

John meanwhile is having problems dealing with Asteroth and Murk, and after Brainchild and Markys relocate Taylor to their private labs, he spends the next 15 years moving from crypt to crypt, cemetary to cemetary searching for his son.

taylorAll the while both Taylor and Brainchild are up to something devious, something Brainchild is eager to pervert for evil and military use, and Taylor will soon be stuck wondering what side he’s really on.

I quite enjoyed this, and it actually makes me want to read the source material, which, for most comics, if not all books, is always better.

The biggest difficulty is the animation style, which tries to take the art of the comic books and bring them to life on the screen. I think it could have been done a bit better, but in the end, didn’t ruin my appreciation for the journey I was on any less.

So if you like a unique zombie movie, if you’re not adverse to animated features (and this one really isn’t for kids!), and you like comic books, this one may actually be right up your alley!!

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse is available from Anchor Bay on DVD and Blu-Ray today!

Have a look and tell me what you think!


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