Burlington Toy Con – June 2, 2013

toyconSue and I had a fantastic time when we to the one in March, it was amazing and we found so many things that brought back memories, that then and there Sue and I swore to attend as many of them as we can.

This past weekend, we headed to Burlington again, bringing two friends along to introduce them to the con as well, nothing like spreading the geek love!

It was a smaller venue, but there will still tons of cool things to find, and once again Sue and I walked away with some cool treasures that we found tucked away on various tables.

And that’s the thing I love most about these cons, is that you have to go through everything a couple of times, you have to root through bins, and you never ever know what you are going to find.

black-holeI am personally loving the fact that the Toy Con is starting to be my go to place for Black Hole memorabilia! The first time I found a Black Hole coffee mug with the Cygnus on it – I didn’t even know they’d made mugs for it when it came out!! This time around I found a Maximilian action figure, in great shape, with next to no damage at all. Brilliant!!

And as mentioned in one of my posts awhile ago, I used to love collecting movie trading cards. Well this time around I found a complete set, stickers included of The Black Hole trading cards (see!!!) as well as a complete set, including stickers, for Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


I love wandering the tables, and since our first visit, there are things I am now keeping eyes open for, watching for familiar toys from my childhood, ones I always wanted and could never get… Oh my eyes are peeled all right!

3poSue walked away with a See-Threepio full-sized action figure which talks! Very cool!!

The thing I think we both like about the variety of toys and tables is that for all that, nothing is too excessive in price. Yes there are some collectors items, and you expect them to command the higher price that they do, but they are just as many items that you can pick up for not much more than what you would have paid for them when they first came out… and who cares if they’re pre-loved!?

I have treasured everything I’ve picked up at the Toy Cons, and cannot wait for the next one because it’s just amazing the things you can find.

I’m still looking for those Empire Strikes Back glasses as well as the Muppet Caper ones, but that’s just one more reason for Sue and I to keep going back. I also know that Sue has a list of things going she would like to find as well.

So if you love toys, or want a walk down memory lane, I cannot recommend going to these conventions enough, and who knows what piece of your rediscovered childhood you could be walking home with.

It’s definitely worth the trip.

Watch their website to find out when the next one is, and make the jaunt, Sue and I haven’t regretted it yet, and I don’t think you will either.


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