A Haunting At Silver Falls (2013) – Brett Donowho

Anchorbay sent a long a copy of A Haunting at Silver Falls for me to take a look at for its release this week.

I like how Donowho approached it, aiming to make it more of a supernatural thriller as opposed to a “boo! scared you!” horror film.

And it would have worked, if one didn’t read the back of the box, or if the real villains of the piece weren’t so easily discernible from the get-go.

No sooner does young, newly orphaned Jordan (Alix Elizabeth Gitter, who has an amazing head of hair, just wow!) arrive in the small town of Silver Falls, then she gets wrapped up in a mystery she knows nothing about. She meets a nice boy, Larry (James Cavlo), who tells her spooky stories about ghosts, and when a party in the forest is busted up by the cops, she runs, and stumbles upon a ring… which then won’t come off her finger, and leads to some rather troubling visions and dreams, including a dead girl who seems to be shadowing her every moment.

Her aunt, Anne (Tara Westwood) and uncle Kevin (Steve Bacic) begin to suspect there may be something wrong with her, when she doesn’t admit to stealing a scarf and some cash. When she finally admits to seeing a dead girl,following her around, they decide it’s time for stronger measures under the mindful eye of Dr. Parrish (Erick Avari), Larry’s father.

jordanIt’s not a bad film by any means, in fact it’s quite a nice take on the ghost story genre, if you didn’t know from the get go who the baddies were.

Of course, there’s also the claim that the film is based on true events.

I’m not so sure about that.

Of course the film itself didn’t start with that tag, nor did it end with it, once again, it was something I read on the box (maybe I should just stop reading the box).

Gitter is likable and plays a girl dealing not only with the death of her recently deceased father, but also the possibility that she’s losing her mind when she starts seeing this rather disturbing looking ghost everywhere.

Though as we learn, she’s a little more calm than her sister.

This one would definitely fall into the teen scary movie night as opposed to something for horror fans who want something really creepy or unnerving. There are some nice touches, and both dead girls (Jade and Nikita Ramsey) are very spooky to look at in their makeup, but overall, this one didn’t get under my skin the way I hoped it would.

Still, for all that, I’ll be very interested in Brett Donowho’s return to the supernatural/horror genre should he choose to make another spooky film, and I’ll be quite interested to see what Ms. Gitter does next as well, as I think she may be one to watch.

If you’re looking for something a little spooky for the teens, for a slumber party or what have you, this one will probably serve, there’s a little bit of language, but no gore or jump scares that may keep some up at night.

A Haunting At Silver Falls is available from Anchor Bay today!



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