Burlington Toy Con – June 2 2013!!

logoSue and I were completely enthralled and taken in by our experience at the Burlington Toy Convention that we attended in March.

We both love toys, and geek out over a lot of similar things, so we knew going in that we were going to have a lot of fun. But we honestly had no idea how fun, and how powerfully nostalgic the convention was going to be. The toys we found that brought back memories, some long forgotten, were absolutely amazing, and this convention quickly soared up into our list of favorite events.

So it is with increasing excitement that we are looking forward to next weekend, when we venture to Burlington again for the Burlington Toy Show.

Gentlemen, start your geeky engines! (and bring your wallets!)

empireNext Sunday, the Atrium Conference Center on 5420 North Service Road is going to be taken over by aficionados, collectors, excited kids, deal-seekers, geeks, and most importantly toy lovers! There were dozens of items last time around that both Sue and I looked at longingly and I’ll tell you right now, I’ve set aside a healthy chunk of a pay check to spend frivolously on things that remind me of my childhood – toys I may have owned at one point, toys I’d always wanted, toys that trigger memories… or maybe that elusive collection of Burger King Empire Strikes Back glasses or McDonald’s Great Muppet Caper glasses, I still have my Happiness Hotel bus one safely at home.

Everyone last time around was happy to chat about their wares, and smile as you reminisce with them about something you just recalled from you youth. It really was a walk down memory lane, and you could feel the synapses reconnecting uncovering long forgotten moments as soon as you saw something that once lay on your floor or hung tantalizingly on a department store shelf – out of your reach physically and financially.

Early Bird admission to the event starts at 9:30 and is $10 for the day or, if you show up after 10:30, it’s only $5!

deathstarIt’s definitely not a bad way to spend the day, and it also means that Sue and I get to ride the GoTrain for the day, which is also very cool.

And what a day we’re going to have!

We’ve got the Burlington Toy Con during the day, then we’re off to Amanda Brugel’s charity event, Mingle For A Mission that evening, where we get to see a bunch of our friends raising money for a good cause. Tell me that doesn’t sound like a wicksome way to spend the day?

Come on out to the Toy Con, because you never know what you’re going to find!!!

Check out their official site here.


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