Orphan Black S01E04 – Effects of External Conditions



After last week’s episode amping up the mystery and the tension a bit, including the revelation that the hunter may in fact be another clone, Helena (Tatiana Maslany rocking yet another incarnation, this woman is truly amazing!). Tonight’s episode on Space kept it coming with some fantastic moments.

With the hunt for Helena escalating, the noose growing tighter around Sarah, she is unable to keep her appointment with Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) to see Kira (Skyler Wexler), so she comes up with a plan that Felix (Jordan Gavaris) has to put into play…

Convincing Allison (soccer mom) to pretend she’s Sarah.

Now this is brilliant. You have Tatiana Maslany, who portrays each of these characters completely, take on Allison pretending to be Sarah, while you have Sarah pretending to be Beth.

tatianaThen there’s Kasima who’s working on some new clues that have come up, I knew there was a reason they kept mentioning Maggie Chen’s name at the top of each episode’s recap! Apparently Maggie was involved with the clones somehow, as Helena reveals in a very exposition heavy scene that starts weaving what we thought were separate story threads all together. She’s also found connections tying Helena to Maggie, including the carved emblem on the knife Sarah recovered.

And let’s get this out-of-the-way, Helena is uber-creepy, especially when you see her cutting her own back, this girl is twisted and crazy in ways that just boggle the mind.

She’s also quite willing to show that turnabout is fair play by wandering into the station posing as Sarah posing as Beth, and then leaving a couple of messages for Sarah, including a recording, defacing Paul’s (Dylan Bruce) photo and a creepy little collage with evidence photos…

I quite like the idea of Tatiana now playing the hero and the villain in the series, just from an acting perspective what an amazing challenge, and she does it so well!!

We also see Sarah having to stay one step ahead of Art (Kevin Hanchard), who as a professional detective could end up being a considerable threat.

mariaIt seems that Sarah is unsafe whichever way she turns, and it actually seems to be getting worse and more frightening each episode…

Helena laboring under the belief that she may be the original being manipulated by someone we haven’t met with and using religious overtones to do it… THAT is scary to me.

I also loved seeing the little row of houses where Helena is stitching herself up at the beginning of the episode… this, once again, is right around the corner from where I work, as well as around the corner from the location they use for the Police Station’s exterior. Sue and I even popped down to this location to visit our good friend Tanya Lemke on set for a few minutes that day!

Very cool!

There are lots of details and threads present in tonight’s episode, so make sure you pay attention… heck watch it a couple of times if you can, this one is packed!!!

Orphan Black airs tonight on Space!


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  1. Really liked her in a small but very memorable role on Being Erica. You could immediately see the incredible talent.

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