Bermuda and Back: A Happy Hobbit’s Return Home and a Film Festival Part 3


Goslings Wine cellar was the location yesterday evening for a meet and greet of the people and sponsors behind the Bermuda International Film Festival before the opening night presentation of Ginger & Rosa. Festival VIPs meet and mingle, there is laughter and shop being talked about equally.

Bermuda has, in its time, perfected the art of social casual, and groups of people wander and chat as the pleasant staff keeps the vino flowing. The folks and setting of Bermuda allow for jeans to coexist stylishly with evening dresses. Everyone looks happy, and friends call out to one another, the sound bouncing off the pillars and limestone walls that comprise the rather elegant room.


This is BIFF’s sweet 16 party, which sees over 200 hundred volunteers working tirelessly to keep everything flowing smoothly. It is also one of the qualifying competitions for short films to be nominated for an Academy Award.

The event only ran about an hour, as the first film was ready to go at nearby Liberty Theater.

I however ducked out, and headed down to the Hamilton Princess instead to catch up with my good friend Tina Arorash.

Tina and I have spoken occasionally over the years and have traded emails and Facebook messages, but hadn’t seen one another in 24 (!) years. I was fairly convinced we would simply fall back into our old rapport, and within moments, it was like the last quarter century had never happened, expressions, gestures, things that had been so familiar to me, things that had helped me get through the day, that had been buried by the sands of time were dug up and proudly restored to their rightful place in my memory. The time had passed but the moment was still ours.

I was sitting there chatting with one of my besties from my teen years, and we laughed, sassed and were exactly the friends we’d been in high school, open, honest, and always truthful – and we laughed a lot!!!

If Bermuda was coming home, then Tina is my favorite meal that someone has lovingly prepared for you, on the table as you walk in the door.

Tina, you were sorely missed from my life and I’m so glad you’re in it again!

Thank you so much for being my friend in High School, I don’t know what life would’ve been like without you. And we are NOT waiting another 24 years before hanging out again 🙂



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