Toronto Screenwriting Conference

Sue and I have been extended an invitation to sit in on the Toronto Screenwriting Conference this weekend, and cover it for the blog.

To say that we’re both excited about it is a bit of an understatement. We’re close to ecstatic about it. We are going to try and chat to some of the folks in attendance, as well as rub elbows with other writers…

The list of those giving talks this year seems to be a who’s who of writing and creating for film and television.

Glen Mazzara, showrunner for The Walking Dead will be talking about his writing craft and doing a Q&A.

Beau Willimon, who adapted a BBC series into the hugely successful Netflix series House of Cards and the screenplay for Ides of March will be speaking.

Darlene Hunt creator of the series The Big C.

Aaron Korsh, the writer and creator of Suits.

Bob Kushnell, creator of the new BBC3 series Way To Go, talks about his new series as well as the other top name series he’s been involved in.

HBO’s Kathleen McCaffery, David Hudgins (Everwood, Friday Night Lights), Tassie Cameron, Kevin White, Daegan Fryklind (all three top Canadian screenwriters)… and all that is the tip of the iceberg.

Sue and I will be very busy, but very happy this weekend, stay tuned for updates, watch our twitter feed, and perhaps we may even have some interview for you!



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