Bomb Girls S02E08 – Fifth Column


What a beautiful episode.

Kate’s (Charlotte Hegele) stirring voice and a single tear running down a wounded soldier’s cheek.

Lorna (Meg Tilly) stopping work on the line to recognize and applaud Betty (Ali Liebert) after she was involved in an altercation with a couple of fellas who were intent on her and Theresa (Rachel Wilson).

This fantastic show does nothing but get better each episode, permanently securing for itself not only as a prized Canadian television series, but as a brilliant television series by any standards.

tahmohThis week it was shades of Saboteur both on the bug screen as the gals go to see Hitchock’s classic film, but it ends up being reflected in their own lives as well when a strange woman comes to Gladys (Jodi Balfour) in the ladies room of the Jewel Box, looking for information, and then spotting the same women on the line the next day at Vic Mu.

Cue entrance of Clifford Perry (Tahmoh Penikett) as the new security chief for the factory, with a clean-pressed suit and a sharp London accent… he had me thinking one thing right from the off… Nazis… I hate these guys…

I mean, he hasn’t come right out and said it… but I smell a rat.

Theresa and Betty are delightfully happy at the beginning of the episode and it’s a true joy to see our gal so happy. Watching them dance together, trying to restrain their affection in public, watching them superstitiously hold hands during the movie… Of course it makes Theresa’s speech about keeping their head down more poignant, because Betty doesn’t want to do that anymore, and why should she? She wants to live her life as herself, not what people think she should be. I think Theresa finally realizes that while tending to Betty’s wounds, confiding in her that Betty is a hero. Betty responds that she just wants to be who she is.

aliBut Betty… you’re my hero too.

Every single one of these women.

Strong, courageous, fighting not only for their nations, but for themselves.

I love the writing for this show.

Every week it just seems to take me write into the world it has recreated, and consistently feels me with heartache and joy.

There were so many moments this week, Lorna interfering in her daughter Sheila’s (Natasha Greenblatt) and Narenda Patel’s (Gabe Grey) relationship, letting us see some of Lorna’s prejudices, but also that Patel’s parents would feel the same way about Sheila. I’d like to say different times, but some of these prejudices still painfully exist today.

It also reminds us that none of those characters, like ourselves are perfect.

I think Lorna recognizes her prejudice, but is unsure how to act on it, as it’s her daughter… and tries to make amends with it by bringing Reggie (Jasmine Richards – a wonderful addition to the cast) back to the Corbett home, and putting her up in one of the boys’ rooms.

What did you think of it?

Bomb Girls airs Monday nights on Global… don’t miss it!




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