Sue’s Flick Picks For TIFF 2012


This time of year is my favourite. In some ways, I think it always has been. I was usually eager to get back to school as a kid – partly for the Back To School shopping, and partly just so I could see my friends again. As an adult, it’s still my birthday, and there’s a long weekend thrown in for good measure. Then I discovered the Toronto International Film Festival.

Although I only more recently found my Nerdvana (known as Fan Expo Canada) in 2005, I’ve been attending TIFF almost the entire time I’ve lived in Toronto. It became my main reason for booking vacation time, and I always try to make sure I have enough cash to at least buy a 10-pack of festival screening tickets, if not more. ūüôā

This year, I’ve booked most of it off work, and have some friends in town for the fest, so hopefully I can catch up with them at some point, as well. I also am about to turn 40, so I’m giving myself a little extra gift this year – but more on that later. For now, I want to just express that – even though I am only seeing about 10 movies over the 10-day festival, I am just as excited for those ten as I would be were I seeing 30. All it means is that I needed to be more certain of my selections, because it will be¬†much harder to change my mind later on!¬† And since TIFF is considered the launching pad for many Oscar films come award season, the choices are many.

Ironically, I spent my first day in Teacher’s College many years ago “teaching” my peers how to navigate the ticket selection process. There have been some changes over the years, but the basic process I go through is still very much the same – and I am kind of a master at it. By the time my selection window opened at 2:00pm today, I was ready. In a matter of minutes, I had all 10 of my picks locked in, and had received my confirmation email. Good thing they gave us a whole hour! As it is, I now have time to write this post!

So, to alleviate any further babble on my end, I give you my Golden Ten for the TIFF 2012 season (in chronological order):

Fin (The End)

No One Lives

Mr. Pip



Ghost Graduation



Love, Marilyn

Come Out And Play

Now, anyone who knows me (or who read my post about My Week With Marilyn) will not be surprised to see love, Marilyn on my list this year.¬† However, what IS a surprise is the sadly small number of Midnight Madness¬†screenings I’m attending this year.¬† Programmer Colin Geddes ALWAYS puts together an incredible crop of midnight flicks for our screaming and viewing pleasure, and it is my favourite program every single year.¬† This year, out of the 10 choices Colin has offered up, I was excited to see at least 7 of them, if not all ten, so for me to have only three make it into my final picks…it’s just odd.

As it is, my ten are kind of eclectic and very different from one another which, to me, is a good sign.  I used to always make a misstep or two in my personal selections, and that may even be the case this year.  Sometimes you just have to take a chance, though.

Because¬†– more often than not –¬†you can¬†stumble across¬†something you love, and may not have had another chance to see, were it not for TIFF.¬† So get out there, check the incredible array of films available to choose from this year, and join the fun of a festival atmosphere!¬† You never know what – or who – you may get a chance to¬†see!!!

The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 6-16, 2012, and single tickets go on sale September 2nd at 10am.  Watch for individual write-ups for each of my Golden Ten as I see them, too!

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