Fan Expo Day 2

Sue and I checked in bright and early at the Media Desk for Day 2 of Fan Expo 2012. After such an awesome start yesterday we couldn’t wait to see where this day took us…

First off, we decided to prowl the floor, and take in the incredible deigns, sets, sketches and armatures of Disney’s Frankenweenie exhibit. It was fantastic! The level of detail and work that must go into each piece borders on the amazing and this one exhibit showed them all of perfectly.

From there, we decided to pick up our Stan Lee photo-op, which looks great. The photo department of Fan Expo has done an amazing job already so far, the turn around on pictures is incredibly short, and they look great! The photographers here are unsung heroes, and they do a brilliant job, and always make Sue and I look great, so thank you one and all for that.

One of the hallways is in the throes of joyous chaos, as a young fan in a red Darth Vader shirt, encounters a very familiar astromech droid, and the two end up chasing one another across the floor, all under the watchful eyes of mother, and the droid’s minder. It was a very cute moment.

We bump into our friend, and young filmmaker Phil Marinucci, who is fresh off a number of busy shoots, and is helping out at the Dead Before Dawn 3D booth. Keep an eye on this fellow, he’s going places!

After this, we decide to wander celebrity alley and check in with someone Sue is very fortunate to call an acquaintance the lovely Erin Gray. We had emailed her prior to approaching her so she knows we’re coming. She runs Heroes for Hire a organiztion that helps organize celebrity appearances at conventions, and as always she’s here repping some amazing people. We’re hoping to have chats with a number of them before the week is out.

We also got a chance to swing by the Anchor Bay booth and meet their PR rep Leah Visser, as well as her boss. Anchor Bay always does a great job on their releases and they have some wicked films heading our way. This year they have the folks from Brawler, and Little Bit Zombie on hand, and Sue and I are hoping we get a chance to get back and chat with them!

We decide to take a swing down Artist Alley, and discover an awesome little booth, called Geeky Pet, featuring art by Alana McCarthy. There are sketches and paintings of cats as various pop culture icons, and she also does commission work! That means she will create an image of your cat or dog as a character of your choice! The results are hilarious and a lot of fun! Check out her store on Etsy!

We pop in to have our pic taken with the very cool Jamie Bamber, who delightfully, introduced himself to each and every person as they joined him for the picture. He has a sharp and fun sense of humor, and seems like a genuinely nice guy.

As Sue and I take a breather, and gather our notes and thoughts, David Prowse is swept past us in the most awesome escort ever. He’s flanked by lots of stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Jawas, droids and his alter ego, the 501st is here in full effect!

As we sit and watch, I find myself waxing poetical…

The waves of people are tides, governed by the moons of their individual obsessions. The con’s currents flow all around us, and the deeper you go, the odder, or more interesting things can be.

Along the surface are the day passes, lugging about their autographed articles and photo-op tickets, occasionally stopping to gaze in wonder as they brush up against the other currents at play in these waters.

There’s the anime cosplayers who seem quite happy to meet and greet fellow cosplayers, find comics, and accessories for their intricate costumes, and hang out with one another for the weekend.

Then, the fans, these are the people who are here for the whole weekend, hoping to meet and chat with those people they are here to see, and today there are even more than yesterday, Tom Noonan, Joe Flannigan, John Barrowman (who has a killer smile, and cannot take a bad picture), James Marsters, Juliet Landau, William B. Davis, and Alan Tudyk.

Finally, if you dive deep enough, you find the avid collector. The ones looking for that Expo exclusive, those hard to find comics, or that much-needed collectible.

At 3:00, Sue and I join masses of fans for the CTV panel for Flashpoint. The room is packed, filled to the rafters, and all of us are delighted to be given a teaser scene from the new and final season. One of the series creators Mark Ellis, looks absolutely delighted when the entire room lets out a groan of disappointment as the scene cuts to black as it reaches it’s most tense moment.

All if forgiven though as Mark comes out, joined by his co-creator Stephanie Morgenstern, as well as series regulars David Paektau, Sergio DiZio and Olunike Adeliyi. The field questions tell funny story, and in one case the room erupts into laughter and applause, as a Japanese woman, saying she realizes the show is incredibly Canadian doesn’t always understand all the references, and could they please explain what a double double is, and what other Canadiana she may have missed.

From there, we follow them down to the CTV booth where they spend an hour signing for fans, and spare a few moments for each of them, but only a few as the line is incredibly HUGE. This show is a Canadian treasure, and people cherish it.

We have a great moment posing for a photo and introducing ourselves to JOHN CARPENTER!!!! Wow!!! Talk about your cool cats, this guy is The Cool Cat.

Checking in with Erin, we steal a little time and chat with Candyman – Tony Todd (watch for that podcast!) who is so much fun, completely grounded in who he is, but at the same time, so much larger than life. He was such a treat. Thank you for that.

At this point, the con is getting ready to wind down for the day, and we decide to check out the sneak peak of the new JJ Abrams series Revolution. Unfortunately, due to other commitments, we had to duck out at the bottom of the hour, before the presentation had even started.

But that’s ok.

We had a wonderful evening in the couple of some people that we are blessed to call friends, getting ready for the Lost Girl panel Saturday.

Saturday will undeniably be the busiest day of the con… What is your must see or do thing for the day?

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