The Killing – Final Theories On Rosie’s Killer


Alright, I’ve been going through theories like a madwoman pretty much since episode one, back when I went with the old X-Files mainstay – TRUST NO ONE.

That mantra could actually be applied in this case, as well.  While not everyone is involved in Rosie Larsen’s murder, I’m pretty sure everyone has some dirty secrets they’d rather remained hidden.  And yet, look how much Rosie’s death has brought out in just under a month of investigating?  We’ve had politicians and their aides and dirty backers, arrogant money men, the local mob boss and his underlings, skeletons in closets, not-so-secret affairs, a prostitution ring, an underground haven for young girls running from their families, a very creepy school basement, corrupt cops, a detective with a psychologically traumatic history, a few angry sons, manga comics, a suspect casino operator and her staff,  and the odd NA meeting.  Also butterflies.  And Belko.

A LOT has come out since Rosie went missing and was discovered in the trunk of that submerged car.  Everyone has seemed guilty at some point or another.  It’s no secret that I’ve had Rick the Fiance/Psychiatrist as my number one suspect the whole time, and while it was at least in part a joke, even now, I can’t really rule him out.  He has no alibi that I know of, the killer from the first case that drove Linden crazy could very well still be out there, and he’d be in the perfect position to drive her crazy again.  He wanted Linden out of Seattle, the monarch migration Rosie wanted to see goes through Sonoma, he’s never really been a suspect but he’s on the Suspect Tracker, and…I don’t know…it’s Callum Keith Rennie!  He always makes the perfect bad guy – he’s good looking, charming, and a fantastic talker.  He comes across as pretty brilliant in most roles, too.  It’s almost hard for me to buy him as the good guy with no real flaws.  So while I am sure that has a lot to do with why he started at the top of my suspect list, I still can’t rule him out even now.  It just feels too possible to me.

I had Jamie Wright on there in recent weeks, as well.  He’s been my number two guy lately.  I had ruled him out entirely for awhile (scratched him off the TRUST NO ONE list), but then he was back on for longer than most.  It kept feeling wrong to me, just because of the way he’s acted, especially since Richmond was shot.  He’s SO focused on Darren and the campaign – it seems hard for me to believe that he has a secret killer life on the side.  But I can totally see anger in him, and the drive to do anything to protect Darren’s image and help him win the election, so maybe.  I just don’t think that the way Rosie was killed is really his style.  But he could have been involved.

I just kind of don’t think so again, now that he looks like the prime suspect going into the finale.  From the moment he stepped onto the 10th floor elevator, Jamie was meant to look like he’s our guy.  Which makes me think he’s probably not.

So I’m taking Jamie off my list.  And thanks to some folks over on the AMC discussion forums for The Killing, I now have an interesting new #2:  Sally Ames (Allison Hosack).  Ever since we found out that Michael Ames started up one company that didn’t have her attached, and it looked like he actually was going to leave his wife for Terry, all of a sudden Sally seemed culpable to me.  I haven’t quite worked it all out in my head yet – and I’ve added Jasper (Richard Harmon) into the mix as an accomplice, because I think he would do anything for his mom.

A lot of people think Terry was involved, but I am not sure I buy that she had anything to gain by killing Rosie.  It wouldn’t have helped Michael’s company, which means it wouldn’t have helped them be together.  And even if Rosie overheard something on the 10th floor (was Terry even close enough to the casino that night to have been involved?  I forget), that meeting – so far as we know – was not illegal.  Not worth killing over.

But what if Rosie was mistaken for Terry?  Or what if killing Rosie sent a message to Michael AND Terry that he would do well to abandon any thought of ever leaving his wife for another woman?  He seems to have abruptly changed his mind as soon as Rosie’s body was found – he all but ignored Terry at the wake, and then officially broke up with her in person about a week ago (their time).  He wasn’t keen on giving any kind of explanation, either.  He simply said he was staying with Sally.  And he got angry at the insinuation that she was controlling him.  Sally Ames certainly doesn’t seem like the kind, gentle, maternal type.  But she does seem cold.  And she’s very used to maintaining appearances, control, and getting what she wants.

THAT is motive to kill.  Maybe she even hooked Jasper up with that other young lady passed out in his bed that morning, so that he would have an alibi of sorts.  Maybe she planned it all out.  I think she could have, definitely.

Maybe Rick was her shrink, too, and they were working together to get what they both wanted…okay, I’m reaching.

But she’s my Number 2 Suspect, going into Sunday’s finale.

Which – in case you weren’t sure – I am SO EXCITED for!  😀

Who killed Rosie Larsen?

Let’s find out Sunday at 9pm on AMC

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  1. opinionless says:

    Interesting stuff! Can’t wait to see who did it. Here’s our theory:

  2. I can see Rick being a suspect but he is not the All American good guy if he was engaged to a former patient! Major ethics violation there! I also do not think he is handsome but have never seen him in anything else. I am so glad that Stan and Terry told Mitch how they feel about her taking off. Mitch is pathetic! I would love for her to turn out to be the killer.

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