Hollywood Treasure

I will openly admit I came to this show late, they’re already 6 episodes into Season 2, and I am just starting Season 1.

That being said, I did fly through 3 episodes last night, so I don’t see a problem with me catching up in no time at all.

I’m not always the biggest fan of reality docu-dramas that seem to be a large part of the fare on  television these days. I do get why there are so many, they are relatively inexpensive to make, and therefore make a huge return on investment when they take off.

But, I should have known from the start that this one would catch my interest, and hook me.

Surprise! I’m a movie and tv buff, I know that’s a surprise to you only if you’ve never met me or never been to this website.

Well the concept behind this show, if you don’t know anything about it, is cross Antique Road Show with Comic Con.

In every episode Joe Maddalena and his crew, who run Profiles In History – somewhere I would love to have the money to shop, run down a variety of showbiz parapheneilia from props, costumes, and original art, all things I would love to have, and then in the last act of each episode you have the austion of whatever items were the centerpieces that week.

And HOLY! I wish I had the money to drop like these people seem to, which is weird, cause I figure if they had thay much money, most of the bidders could afford to dress better, just saying.

With a rainy weekend on the horizon, I think I may very easily fly through the rest of the season this weekend, or at least most of it.

The show is fun, doesn’t confine itself to one genre of film, but encompasses all of them, and Joe and his team seem to have a real passion for what they do, you can see the glee in their eyes when they come across something that is a part of film history.

Yes, I have no doubt they are in this to make money, and I’m sure they get a great cut of whatever they auction off, but they know they’re subject, they have the same love for it that I seem to, and it’s amazingly fun to watch these items sell for as much as they do!

The geeks truly have inherited the earth!

Treasure Hunters airs on Syfy Stateside and on Space in Canada.

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