Prometheus – The Embargo

Here we are, just over a week away from the Canadian release date for Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction – Promethues.

To say I’m excited is a understatment.

I am very eagerly awaiting the arrival of next Friday night, amidst all the other things both Sue and I have on the go, interviews, covering the Worldwide Short Film Festival, covering the Niagara Falls Comic Con, and continuing to chase down leads on other stories and interviews.

The closer we get to release date, the more spoilers will abound. I know some people think the trailers have already given away the entire movie, I’m desperately hoping they are wrong, but just in case, I stopped after the first full trailer, wherein we got a glimpse of the being who inhabits the Space Jockey suit.

But beyond that, I don’t want to know any more!

I know the film is a prequel, as mentioned on this site before it’s set to take place some thirty odd years before the original classic, Alien.

I know it wants to deal with some heady questions like, who are we, why are we here, and where did we come from, and the exploration ship Prometheus sets off for what we know will become LV-426 to seek those answers following what they believe is an invitation left for us as clues throughout the cultures of the planet.

I love the idea, I love that I know things will go sideways, I love seeing the little Weyland symbol, I love seeing the Space Jockey gu/navigational array rise out of the floor, I love how Ridley Scott is a brilliant technical director, I love this cast, love how hot Charlize Theron looks in this movie (and as a side note about Snow White and The Huntsmen – a choice between Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart really isn’t a choice at all about who the fairest in the land is… Charlize Theron!).

Beyond that, I am now implementing an embargo on myself of any more images, hints, spoilers, trailers, or snippets from the film, I don’t want to know anymore! I want to settle into my seat next weekend and just enjoy the experience… And from what I have heard so far, there is some very positive rumbling about the film so far.

I have faith Sir Ridley, don’t let me down sir.

(And Charlize if you’re ever in Toronto, we’d love a chat :D).


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