Sue’s Series Squawk – Grimm (Season 1)

I’ve decided that – since I can’t possibly write everything I want to about every TV series that I want to – I will try to at least talk about each one randomly throughout their seasons.  Or, in many cases for now, over their summer hiatuses.  Haiti?  Hait-eye?  Summer breaks.


This little post is about the show Grimm, which just recently wrapped its debut season, and has been picked up for a second – thank goodness!  I’d been looking forward to this one before it began airing, and while it was different from what I’d initially expected, it actually turned out to be so much better!  Definitely darker than I thought it would be, too (which, for me, is always a huge plus).

Grimm follows Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) through some pretty unusual and strange investigations as certain people appear to him as creatures that only he can see.  When Nick’s mysterious but cool aunt dies, Nick learns that he is a descendant of a secret line of Grimms – a person who can see all of the creatures (known as Wesen) from those fairytales as they really are – appearing to be human and walking among us.  He also inherits her trailer of books, histories, potions and weapons, and it is from this that Nick tries to learn about the things he is seeing.  Nick’s bloodline can actually be traced all the way back to those famous dark fairytale tellers, the  brothers Grimm, who were the original warriors charged with keeping a balance between the Wesen and the rest of humanity.

Trying to keep it all hidden from his brilliant, good-hearted partner, Hank Griffin (Russell Hornsby) and fellow officer, Sgt Wu (Reggie Lee) proves to be a difficult task, as Nick finds he has a hard time explaining how he solves certain cases, and how he knows some of the things he knows.  What’s worse is that Nick’s innate sense of duty to protect those he cares about extends to his fellow police officers, and the closer any of them get to the mythological Wesen underworld into which he’s fallen, the more unsuspecting danger they are all in.

Nick is new to being a Grimm, and he’d likely have been locked up for crazy talk long ago if it weren’t for his nearly-accidental friendship with the Wesen Blutbad, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell).  Kind of a vegetarian version of the Big Bad Wolf, Monroe’s knowledge and loyal friendship (coupled with his inherent desire to be a “good guy”) make him one of Nick’s greatest assets.  Nick discovers that he can go to Monroe with any question or problem he has, and Monroe will automatically help him in any way possible – whether he wants to, or not.  Once Nick realizes that he’s fallen down a rabbit hole of sorts, and that Monroe is really the only person who can help him learn the things he needs to know in order to carry on in his life as a Grimm, Nick’s concept of lines and barriers where Monroe’s life is concerned get stretched often, to say the least.  Nick has no qualms about calling on Monroe, day or night, regardless of the danger they may both face.  For his part, though, Monroe’s friendship is an invaluable resource, and I think he’s working on paying his own kind of penance by helping Nick out as much as he does.  Besides, Giuntoli kind of looks like Superman, and quickly takes Monroe under his protective wing, too.  In as much as Nick needs Monroe, there is a mutual caring and respect between the two characters that is one of my favourite things about the show overall.  Plus, Monroe gets most of the funniest lines of the show each and every week, and that definitely helps to cut some of the tension!

Which brings me to Nick’s girlfriend and partner in life, the lovely and amazing Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch).  This character could easily have been made into a background player – the lady who keeps the homefires burning while our hero goes out into the world to battle the darkness which threatens us all.  She could easily have been a pawn for the bad guys to use against Nick – make her a damsel-in-distress and see if he can save her AND catch the bad guys – all while keeping his true identity a secret from everyone around him.  However, thanks to the brilliant writers, and the astounding acting talents of Tulloch, Juliette Silverton is NONE of those things!  What a happy and refreshing thing to have such an awesome lady playing a fully-developed and kick-ass character on our televisions each week!  Also, she’s ridiculously hot.

Nick may the one with the special supernatural talent (well…and Monroe, but it’s the human part of him that is most endearing ), but it’s in those he keeps close to him that Nick’s true strength lies.  They are a true team without even knowing the extent of it, and in watching them come together when they need to anyway, we get to see each character at their very best.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Nick and Hank’s boss, Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz), a mysterious man who knows more than he lets on, and who is keeping a whack of secrets of his own.  Most of the time, I’m not even sure which side he’s on, but at the same time, I can’t help but root for him.  Again, the balance of amazing writing and wonderfully talented actors make Grimm a show not to be missed!  The first season started strong and got better with each episode, keeping the main focus to each individual case Nick and Hank were working on, while also managing to give the audience clues into the overall mystery arc of who killed Nick’s parents when he was still a child.   The season finale was an incredible way to wrap up one season, and leave the audience itching for the next – I believe I actually applauded at the last spoken line, as a matter of fact!

So get yourself over to NBC over the summer and check out the first season of Grimm.  Do it now, so that you’ll be caught up and frothing at the mouth with the rest of us when the battle begins anew at the start of Season 2!!!

Grimm airs Fridays at 9pm on NBC, and you can follow the show on Facebook and Twitter, as well!

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