Game of Thrones S02 E07 & E08

As we know, things went sideways for me last week, so I didn’t have a chance to watch Game of Thrones until this evening, and watched both eps back to back again.

To be honest, I almost prefer it this way, getting two hours of solid entertainment.

Theon Greyjoy, having installed himself into Winterfell, wakes to find that Osha, who bedded the night before, has escaped with Bran Stark, Rickon and Hodor.

He calls for a search, in an effort to hunt them down. Let’s just say if I didn’t know what was coming the last shot of the episode would’ve made me furious, it does make me want Theon to get his comeuppance sooner rather than later.

In Harenhal, Arya Stark, serving as Tywin Lannister’s cup-bearer, get to know one another better. Though Tywin realizes she may not be common bred as she pretends, he does not realize she’s a Stark. In fact, in his own way, he takes quite a shine to her. Who can blame him? She’s one of my favorite characters!

At King’s Landing, Sansa Stark is living in fear, frightened by The Hound, she’s still thankful that he saved her life during the riots. She has nightmares about it, and she also realizes, when she wakes, that she’s begun to menstruate. A terrifying though, because now, Cersei Lannister, knows she can bear Joffrey Lannister, the masochistic young king a child.

In a great scene, Tyrion Lannister and Cersei discuss Joffrey, his brother and sister. Cersei wonders if Joffrey is the payment for her sins of his heritage, born as he was from an incestuous relationship.

You can see that both Tyrion and Cersei are shocked to realize that they are revealing so much to one another, and share a common moment of sympathy.

Meanwhile, in Robb Stark’s camp, Jaime Lannister makes his move, and escapes from his confinement but is recaptured. While some people demand his death right away, Catelyn Stark realizes he is still a bargaining chip, and demands that he be kept alive. Jaime however keeps pushing at her, delivering jibes about the late Ned Stark and his bastard son Jon Snow.

Far to the North, beyond the Wall, Ygritte and Jon continue traveling the snowy wastelands, with the Wildling woman taunting and teasing Jon Snow with her sexuality, until she finally leads him to be captured by her people.

Finally across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys Targaryen is looking for her dragons, after the slaughter that was revealed at the end of episode 6. Xaro Xhaon Daxos tries to aid her, and Jorah Mormont forgets his place with her. Finally in the council of The Thirteen, Xaro and the sorcerer Pyat Pree reveal they have the dragons in the House of the Undying, as the warlock gleefully kills the rest of the council.

Then I dived right into the next episode, knowing that it’s not happening yet, but knowing that the Battle of Blackwater is coming…

Ygritte brings the captured Jon Snow before the Lord of Bones, and I love this character’s costume design, it’s awesome and frightening. We also see that Qhorin Halfhand was captured as well. Jon and he scheme together as they are lead further north. Qhorin believes that Jon can make the Wildlings believe he wants to join them.

Wondering where Qhorin and Jon are, Samwell and the rest of the Night’s Watch discover a cache of dragon glass weapons, which believe me, will be of  great importance and use.

At Winterfell, Yara Greyjoy shows up to chastise Theon, and tells him their father is calling him home. She reminds him that Winterfell is landlocked and they are island people. She belittles him for killing a the Stark boys Bran and Rickon. Luwin, the maester of Winterfell sees Osha though, and learns that the boys are still alive, and safe in hiding.

At King’s Landing, Tyrion and Bronn are scouring history books for a key and clue to defending King’s Landing against the inevitable attack they both know is coming. They begin to develop a plan to use the stockpiles of wildfire they have on hand.

Cersei, anxious that Tyrion may orchestrate some harm to befall Joffrey, seizes a prostitute that she believes is involved with Tyrion. He’s relieved to learn it isn’t Shae, who he has safely hidden in plain sight as Sansa’s handmaiden, but Ros, another prostitute. Pretending to be bested by Cersei, he swears to Ros she will be safe, and to be brave.

Robb learns that Catelyn has set Jaime Lannister free and sent him off with Brienne. Her plan is to have him returned to King’s Landing, and have her daughters returned to her.

Seeking solace, Robb turns to Talisa, and they finally, though coyly, admit their feelings for one another, and then tumble to the ground passionately.

But back at Harenhal, Arya Stark names her third name to the assassin Jaqen H’ghar. That of Tywin Lannister, but when she learns Tywin has already left, she names Jaqen himself. Stunned, he pleads with Arya to un-name him. She agrees if  he will help her and her friends escape.

He unhappily agrees.

I am a huge fan of the way this book series has been adapted for the small screen. I know some people have complained and whined that there are things missing from the show that are in the book, but I find it incredibly faithful to the spirit of the book. The costumes, locations, sets, effects (both practical and CG), the performances, the writing and the music, the show entrances and entertains…

And like I said, I cannot wait to see the battle of Blackwater!

I can’t believe the season is almost over already!

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